3 thoughts on ““Burned-out Chickadee Sandwich”

  1. There’s a chicken in the front yard,
    There’s one in the back yard too!
    And tho’ we can’t be certain,
    They may have Avian Flu.
    There’s a flock of smiling chickens,
    Soon to die or come to harm.
    And what’s the tie to Zappa?
    They’re on Mr. Croners Farm!
    We gotta send letters and faxes to the folks at PETA,
    Canadians don’t make it no more.
    Don’t you that murder and destruction
    Will go on like never before…
    (Somebody stop, me.)

  2. The late Warren Zevon’s “Hockey Song” springs to mind ; “But what’s a Canadian farm boy to do? ( hit somebody ! ) What else can farm boy from Canada do ? ( HIT somebody !! )”

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