So you thought you’d get rid of me this easy…?

Dr Sharleena reporting, back from a luxury vacation in Samoa (how’s good to be a bourgeois, i still have sand in my swimsuit…).
The Chrome Dinette has had its monthly change in the menu, and is offering, during March, Shut Up ‘N Play Yer Guitar, a three disk set featuring some of the best solos from Frank, as well as the special bonus FZ:OZ, and the Halloween concert. Don’t miss it if you haven’t listened to it/them yet!

2 thoughts on “So you thought you’d get rid of me this easy…?”

  1. Glad to have you back in these parts, Dr Sharleena! Dunno if you’ve noticed but we’ve been using the Kegelmaster to sharpen our bowling skills…

  2. Welcome back indeed. Must’ve saved quite a bit on exfoliative preparations with all that sand in yer gusset.

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