5 thoughts on ““The more I think about the obscene unfairness of this situation, the angrier I get””

  1. All right, Nigey!
    Way to outline the most deplorable situation in Amnerika – the cost of Health Care here (one huge “little nasty” about this country that we cannot blame on GW Bush [tho I wish we could]). She’s right folks; America is great! Just don’t get sick here…
    Almost 13 years ago, our youngest child was born premature. The bill for that birth? $250,000 – that thirteen bleeding years ago!
    I was unemployed at the time, but luckily managed to have a COBRA policy thru my old employer. COBRA’s keep you hooked up with medical insurance if you loose coverage thru you employment. Depending on the number of people covered, it can run anywhere from 400 – 600 dollars a month, whether you’re sick or not.
    I’m going to say that this bullshit has been caused by-in-large by the “legal industry” in this country. There’ve been so many lawsuits citing “negligence” that the costs reflect this. And that whole deal is fueled by the “false American dream” – you can get something for nothing… Well, that and a surpluss of lawyers.
    Yeah, Nigey – the situation pisses me off too!

  2. While greedy lawyers could possibly shoulder some of the blame for the high cost of malpratice insurance in the USA, they have nothing to do with the unavailability of medical help for the uninsured or the high cost of prescription drugs in the USA.I blame the private insurance companies and HMOs, all operating for profit, and the greedy drug companies for overcharging and the US government for allowing them to do so. Instead of properly regulating these industries, the FDA and other agencies (Commerce Dept, etc) are butthole buddies with these corporate vampires. Thank God there are still a few doctors willing to treat those who need it, but those are a dying breed.The the rise of the Corporate Clincs, with their special deals with insurance carriers, are killing off the private practice, much as Wal-Mart has killed off the local hardware store and mom and pop five and dime store. The USA desperately needs affordable universal health care and effective regulation of drug pricing. Asserting that allowing the market place to set the levels means nothing when you have international corporate monopolies and/or trusts controling everything and allowing no real competition. There is no “free market” under these circumstances, only a preverted form of corporate socialism wherein the state is of no consequence, the corporation rules and profit is God. As things stand now, the only real alternative (other than being lucky enough to be born rich)is to work for a corporation willing to supply decent health benefits, but in our current global economy, that is no sure thing. (End of rant) Peace and Love…

  3. Standardized affordable health insurance is exactly the reason I choose to stay in Germany and NOT move back to America.

  4. Hi Sharleena and Barry —
    Thanks for expanding my soapbox on this issue. It’s hard to fathom why the United States is virtually the only “industrialized” nation that doesn’t have national health insurance, but that’s the way it is. By the way, John is pretty much recovered…at least he isn’t singing “Why Does It Hurt When I Pee” anymore.

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