Not-so-good news at the Office

Don’t shoot the messenger! For those of you who are loading and reloading HotPoop like there’s no tomorrow, well: there’s no tomorrow. Or better said, there’s no friday boot today. Barry is totally *incommunicado* at work (no internet available) and asked me to let you all know there won’t be any boot today, and there won’t be any, at least, until the 10th February, when a new cycle in his *evilish* bandwidth-meter starts again…money is too tight to mention, Oh money money money… Let’s see the bright side of this: now, you have more time to enjoy the boots you already downloaded; you can also check how are the vines working (btw, Balint, your disks are on your way already!)…and…and…Maybe there’s a good show on the tv tonight?? I hate it when i’m this optimist, you know :-)

4 thoughts on “Not-so-good news at the Office”

  1. Thanks! Lonesome etc.etc.”‘s disks are on their way too – for twoo weeks now!! I dind’t expect this to be that slow… We’ll see.
    And then this week I’ll listen to Waterloo again.

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