When Georgie Sings

When Georgie Sings, I don’t hear violins. Some catchphrases sadly missing:
– “Turrr’r” (“terror”)
– “Nuke’ular (“nuclear”)
– “El Kaaaah’duh” (“Al Qaeda”)
– “Uh’murh’ka” (“America”)
– “Puhhr’sdent” (“threat to rest of world”)
– “Maaah’ridge” (“hello right wing christians”)
– “Deee’ath Penalty” (“hello NRA”)
– “Faaaam’ly” (“daddy did I do okay?”)

2 thoughts on “When Georgie Sings”

  1. heh, heh, heh…
    Barr-boy, I don’t know where you come up with this stuff. I needed a good laugh to loosen up for my performance tonight. Can you say, “evil-doer”?

  2. Hey Barr-boy, did you catch my comments about steroids-of-mass-destruction and evil-performance-enhancing drugs? I really tossed the old curve ball with that one, didn’t I? I think I’m getting pretty good at this.

    “I am OZ!” You crack me up, boy.

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