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Zappa Alchimiste II

Remember the Ensemble de Basse Normandie going on tour with a show called The Big Note/Zappa Alchimiste? Sure you do! Now there’s video: here, here, and here. Via The Idiot Bastard.

Paradise, Pomp & Puppets

David Ocker writes in to point out his “longest blog post ever” — about performing FZ’s orchestra music. An interesting read, coming from a man who obviously knows what he’s talking about; with an appreciative tip of the hat to the recent Hungarian 100% Zappa concert.

Zappa Alchimiste


Something pour nos amis français: the Ensemble de Basse Normandie is on tour during January with a show called The Big Note, Zappa Alchimiste. Because I’m lazy, find all the information at
Toot your own toot, Balint!! Toooot!!