EyebrowTweezer Productions

I recently got together with SOFA and Magic Fingers, two members of theBIGnote that I hold in very high esteem. For those not in the know: SOFA is the driving force behind TBN’s website as well as a genius audio-tweaker, and Magic Fingers, in his capacity of Musibrarium Curator has built up a firm reputation … Continue reading “EyebrowTweezer Productions”

Zappa Press Release

Via Magic Fingers, Musibrarium Keeper and overall Strictly Genteel Person, KUR got a hold of this: A press release anouncing the 77-78 tour as well as the Läther album… and since FZ is the one writing it, you’re treated to little gems like this: “C’mon now, press person! Concentrate… I know you skimmed through another … Continue reading “Zappa Press Release”

Zappa Halloween, Part Deux

As with just about every post mortem Zappa release, some strange things are happening with the latest Zappa’s Halloween DVD-A release. First, and most awkward: there was (and is) no solid release date at zappa.com (you’ll have to excuse me for overusing the word “release”). Why the hell aren’t they promoting this over at the … Continue reading “Zappa Halloween, Part Deux”

Hamburg ’88

Someone mentioned that they were expecting a 1988 show last week, so who am I to disappoint? Pat Buzby reminds us that this show features nothing composed after 1976, and calls it “a blessing, though it feels bad in a sense to say it”. Well I don’t know about that, but any show that features … Continue reading “Hamburg ’88”

Frankfurt ’82

The Venue: Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany The Date: 11th June 1982 There is one main reason to love this show (plenty of other reasons, of course, but one main one); The Black Page. I was listening to it just last week and experienced one of those “Jeez, this is good” moments (I then realized that … Continue reading “Frankfurt ’82”

Frank Zappa Radio Spots

“It’s Halloween. Ding ding ding. Your doorbell rings. A chorus of small really weird voices yell “Trick or Treat”. Will you then turn the tables on your young visitors and offer them your own version of Trick or Treat? Will you give them teeth damaging cookies, candy and other sugary offerings – the trick – … Continue reading “Frank Zappa Radio Spots”

Edinburgh ’77

Requests? REQUESTS? I suppose you’ll be telling me that we do requests next as well, Barry? Yes, well, once is too much as far as I’m concerned mumble mumble floodgates grumble hrrrrmph… ok, I’m heading back down to the dungeons… yes, I know, bread and gruel for a week… pah humbug… Seriously though folks… Pretty … Continue reading “Edinburgh ’77”

Copenhagen ’79

“This week I is being mostly arbitrary.” There is no historical reason why you should own this show: Falkoner Theatre, Copenhagen, March 5th 1979. No premiers, no special guests, and pretty much the usual 1979 set list. So why offer you this show at all? One reason, and one reason only. That guy with the … Continue reading “Copenhagen ’79”