Princeton ’73

Ok, so you nearly got May 1st ’73, but then I figured that most of you will either have that show, or know a man who has. Instead you get 27th April ’73, which contains some important conceptual landmarks of its own. This is the first of only a very few shows to feature Kin Vassey on vocals, and features the world premiers of Pygmy Twylyte, the Yellow Snow Suite, and the cocktail version of Inca Roads (the first ever Inca with lyrics, as far as I’m aware).

It’s a long show, over two and a half hours, there’s some great jamming, some neat Frank solos, and a fabulous lengthy encore. There are also some microphone problems at times, for which the Management apologises profusely, but as this is the only known recording of the whole concert, that’s life. These guys could really PLAY. But you knew that already…

And for those of you who don’t own May 1st, nor know a man who does, be extra nice to Barry, and one day, who knows?

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  1. Excellent boot, Barry! A little problem with the track listing, though. Here are the correct track listing as follows:

    1. RDNZL
    2. Jam
    3. Dog Meat
    4. Fifty-Fifty
    5. Pygmy Twylyte
    6. Yellow Snow Suite
    7. Inca Roads (lounge lizard verson)
    8. Montana
    9. Dupree’s Paradise
    10. Cosmik Debris
    11. Farther O’blivion
    12. Son of Mr. Green Genes
    13. King Kong
    14. Chunga’s Revenge
    15. Son of Mr. Green Genes

  2. That Balint! He has a way with words…… ;o) Btw folks, thanks for any corrections to the track listings; this was a real late night last-minute job. Fyi the “jam” that urbangraffito mentions as track 2 is actually Exercise #4 (thanks for the reminder Christian). I promise I will try to do better in future……

  3. Ok, so I have no idea how to do smiley faces……but that one was supposed to be smiling!!

  4. Yeah!
    The sound quality be damned. I have been looking for this show
    for the world premiers of Pygmy Twylyte, the Yellow Snow Suite alone.
    Another must have to add to my ever growing collection
    Thank you !

  5. The track list is wrong! Be careful!Don’t deceive the novices! The music is excellent!The quality is no class…

  6. Don’t deceive the novices with wrong track list!The music is excellent,the quality is cheapness.

  7. Inca Roads in its early sexy teen-lounge version is so vewwy sick/pimp!

    Get that Buble guy or his ilk belting it, & it’ll be the cocktail anthem 4 the neo-retro-millennium!

    All the little Ashleys & Antons will LOVE it!

  8. Wowie Zowie: I was there: all pimply and 16: my teenaged cassete machine had a funky cable, but I managed to capture Montana and Inca Roads, before security confiscated it. When I got it back, the tape was all mangled, but I managed to dub it off to reel to reel anyway. My start in the audio bizniz… Thanks for the memories! All hail Ziggy!

  9. good quality bad quality who cares? thanks gilles,magic fingers,balint and all the swell guys at KUR.Really, music is the best!

  10. I found RDNZL, Dupree’s Paradise and Pygme Twylite to hold real treasures behind the poor tape quality. Fift-Fifty was my personal favorite, quite remarkable. Oddly enough, the concert tape sounds like a compilation of two or three other tapes, ala OZ where it goes into the bootleg portions, is this a collage of the same show or some tape anomally?

  11. Don’t go wrong,people!Don’t mix the sound quality and the historical value of this recording.Thanks to guys who uploaded this fantastic concert,but I’d like to take away that ugly veil from my ears and enjoy the music full blown.Srew it MUSIC IS THE BEST!

  12. Thanks a lot, Barry.

    This is – so to speak – ” mothers of invention – continued, taken further.

    It’s le ” brouillon”, the initial draft of quite a lot.

    Innovation. That’s much more about having a new idea than stop thinking along old, well known lines.

  13. Barry said he wanted comments, so comments be damned!

    Music is the Best, but tape recorders are not. Fine boot with some bad sound.

  14. Oh this is excellent, indeed. I can deal with the sound-quality when the music is this good. Thanks.
    And, Barry, I am eagerly awaiting the May 1st concert, now that you have been talking so much about it, it would be kind of, hmm, impolite of you not to post it. But I am not going to tell you what to do…
    I was thinking, though, that it could be interesting with some ’77/’78 Patrick O’Hearn on Bass. Maybe even some O’Hearn/Bozzio soloing/duet. “LOBSTER GIRL”.
    He is by far my favorite Zappa bass-player.
    Thanks again Barry, and all you other contributors.

  15. Hey, Mr. Magic Fingers! I’ve tried to contact you, but the e-mail address at the Big Note doesn’t seem to work. If you’re around, would you send me a short answer by clicking my name? Thaaaaankkkk youuuu!!!! :-)

  16. Bálint, I will gladly pass on to you Mr Magic Fingers adress for you to contact him.
    Please let us know what the short answer was.
    I know a guy who once wrote to Joe Travers, asking the Vaultmeister, whether they plan to release the works of Varése recorded by FZ in 92-93, with the Ensemble Modern. The short answer was: “Not at the moment”.
    Hope this helps.

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