Hamburg ’88

Someone mentioned that they were expecting a 1988 show last week, so who am I to disappoint? Pat Buzby reminds us that this show features nothing composed after 1976, and calls it “a blessing, though it feels bad in a sense to say it”.

Well I don’t know about that, but any show that features Florentine Pogen, Andy, Inca Roads, Eat That Question and then Black Napkins, one after the other, is ok by me. Add the Black Page as an opener (you gotta love the ’88 arrangement), Dupree’s, Cleveland and Big Swifty among others, and you have the makings of one fine show.

Whether it is or not… well, that’s for you to decide. As always, I await your comments with interest.

The Venue: Congress Centrum, Hamburg, Germany
The Date: 6 May 1988

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  1. Well Thank you and thank you!

    I was the one who “expected” another 88 round up last week. And, being a German hard core I appreciate this “blessing from a northern town” which I haven’t listened to yet. But I am absolutely sure I will ove it!

  2. Great show! Great setlist, very musically orientated, no Republican Medely! The nice sound quality makes for good listening. Thank you for this show, another jewel for my collection.

  3. After last Friday’s cornucopia, I’m really starting to feel spoiled here at KUR. What’s next?

  4. Eat That Question that lasts less than 2 minutes and seems cut off, and Black napkins at 8 seconds. You list those as reasons this show is OK with you? Did you listen to it?

  5. My apologies, my download of Black napkins must have failed. I have since retrieved the 8 minute version.

  6. Let’s for once have a bird’s perspective. Is this mere nonsensee?

    Truly courageous man, FZ.

    FZ was a ( musical ) workaholic.

    Implementatation, way back in 1988:

    – He knew / understood ( looking in the mirrow) that he actually wrote his best scores in the 60ties & 70ties. For sure.

    – And – possibly – that his end of a life time was near. People just follow partly what their body is telling them.

    He could then ( 1988) afford to have these “old” scores being played by scilled musicians.

    Next step was: creating new music. He did it. Further innovation, Frankfurt allowing.

    That’s exactly why P. Boulez – interviewed – complained about: FZ didn’t come back to Paris / Ircam.

  7. Er chaps, the point is that EVERY SINGLE SONG was written before ’76 (including, of course, all the non-FZ tracks). And, before someone mentions it, that also includes Let’s Move To Cleveland, although of course it didn’t gain its title until some time later.

    And to Zliq, Harmless Ted and UG, in that order, you will, you’re welcome, and watch this space (which probably means I have no idea yet…………or do I?).

  8. I presume, UG, that you are referring to the guy who taped the show and who added his own intro (the music is of course Nina Simone)?

  9. David, those are the buttons we aim at. Sometimes we hit, and I suppose sometimes we miss, but good to hear this one hit the mark.

  10. I just listened to this show again, and I enjoyed it very much. Yes this is a great show. Very nice sound quality for an AUD boot. The setlist is stunning just like the performance.
    OooOoohhH! Can’t wait till next friday :-)

  11. I think I downloaded Paris, 84.09.17 from here on August 26, 2005. How quickly time passes. 2+ years? Thanks for filling my hard drive with will live Zappa. This weeks show has all great tunes and sounds great, too.

  12. This is a very good show! (Finally, I have a new mp3-player, I can listen to it more.)
    One thing I miss on the official 88-releases, is the structure of the show, the “good” order of the songs. Here I understand all, everything is in its place. And: the quality is really good!
    Pat Buzby says it is an average, or a not-so-good show. I disagree, I enjoyed it all the way through. I liked the solos, I liked Big Swifty – it also had an ending (!!) (unlike the one on The Best Band CD).
    I like it. The whole thing is a LIVE experience, with pretty good musicians. A big handshake to Magic Fingers!!! :-)

  13. The Dortmund 88 review reads like a great choice. If it sounds as good as this one, it’s on my wish list!

  14. This was the last FZ concert I ever saw. What a huge line-up of musicians on stage, brass section and everything. I remember a totally different kind of audience than the five times before (76 / 77 / 78 / 80 and 82) at his live concerts. People gave soft toys to FZ in the beginning of the show. Kind of a family affair. Seemed a bit strange to me at that time. There were rumours that the band would play three Beatles tunes, but unfortunately in Hamburg it was just “I am the walrus”. Anyway, I still have the best memories of this concert. Great sound, great show!

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