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Live on Flanders’ Radio One right now: Cucamonga — Zappa For Whatever! Two hours of Zappa music spanning his entire career, plus a chance to win free ZPZ tickets. Tune in by clicking on the “Luister Live” link left top…

Freak Out In Cucamonga

It’s taken a long time (see previous reportage), but now a release of the Cucamonga documentary is imminent! Check out the brand new website and the trailer (which features some artwork by Dr Sharl and myself). Lookin’ mighty good, Mr Fiorenza…


Frank Zappa, around ’65 ’66. This is a drawing I made of FZ featuring Roy Estrada, Don Preston, Jimmy Carl Black and the other usual suspects.

Freak Out in Cucamonga

Adam Fiorenza, one of the guys who’s now wrapping up the Cucamonga documentary, is putting on a concert on July 30th at Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He writes: We are calling it “40 Miles East of L.A.: Freak Out in Cucamonga.” It will feature Zappa-inspired compositions, as well as songs performed by original […]

Cucamonga Revisited

More information about the upcoming Cucamonga Years documentary: By the end of 2005, filmmaker Fiorenza of Pasadena and producer Miley of Whittier plan to wrap up two years of exhaustive research, culminating in a documentary that celebrates the artists and bands that passed through the Pal studio during its heyday.[…] In the end, Fiorenza said […]

The Cucamonga Years

Mentioned in a Miles’s book recent review by David Allen: “Meanwhile, local Zappa fans Derek Miley and Adam Fiorenza are still plugging away on their documentary about the “Freak Out!” musician’s early days.” “The filmmakers, both 22, are working on a documentary focusing on Zappa’s “Cucamonga years” and campaigning for the city to memorialize the […]


Tonight at 9 on Flemish Radio One, excerpts from Zappa’s first concert in Belgium (PSK Brussel, 1970) and his last (Sportpaleis Gent, 1988). You can listen again after it’s aired by clicking the “Herbeluister” link.

Honk 4 Frank Now

Studio Z is alive! Filmmakers Adam Fiorenza and Derek Miley are about to finish their documentary focusing on Zappa’s “Cucamonga years” and started a smart marketing campaign both for the city to pay some recognition and also for the -soon to be- release of the film . “And we were surprised by the number of […]

Grunt People Revisited

Rare Captain Beefheart vs The Grunt People movie poster discovered! Read all about it!