One of the great things about being married to a South-American girl is you get to discover all sorts of music you previously hadn’t really bothered with. These days Barry Towers is bugging the neighbours not so much with Frank Zappa ditties, rather than with the mellow, seductive rhythms of bossa, samba, tango and salsa. Antonio Carlos Jobim! Celia Cruz! Caetano Veloso! Gilberto Gil! This, my friends, is music that shines with an infectious lust for life while encompassing a deliciously refined, sophisticated complexity. Havaianas para siempre! … and now back to your regular schedule

Another monster (some kind of…)

OK, I know, deep in our heart we all love Metallica’s St. Anger – I happen to REALLY like it – and now here’s a great parody of it (I made a corection in the link) – I could listen to it only once, second time I laughed so much, I couldn’t stand it…

And: their new documentary is finally in the movies now (here’s an article about it), so here we have as conceptual continuity: something free to download, a piece of a song, and (some kind of) monster…

Abba To Zappa

Abba-to-Zappa the quiz, had me grinning from start to finish – in part I suppose because one of the little band-member puppets kept reminding me of this guy (have a look and you’ll know what I mean, unless you’ve never seen a porn movie in your entire life in which case I, well, admire your wholesome-nosity). Great stuff, give it a whirl – and tell me your scores! :-)