6 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. Yep, Barry, unfortunately the only well known thing about Flanders is the success of the VL Blok.

    That’s the way it works. Big states don’t know that much about smaller ones. Just one or a few things. For instance : what do you know about the nat. elections , yesterday in LUX? or about the EU elections result in Malta, Estonia , etc? Nothing.

    Except The Big News. In our VL case it happens to be …..

  2. Exactly my thoughts, Bernard. Yesterday there were the EU elections and i know NOTHING about how it went except for what i’ve read in an argentine newspaper (!!); yet again, it could be my failure, since i’m a friggin’ allochtoon, certainly a member of a species in close danger of extinction around here…(if this comment smells a bit of paranoia, yes you are right, it does!)

  3. Oh, yeah…And while i take my suco de abacaxi com maracuj√° y leite de coco (pinax knows ;-), i’ll read and translate what Clarin, from Buenos Aires says about the


    Strong defeat of the European leaders. It underwent to Berlusconi in Italy, Blair in Great Britain, Chirac in France and Schroeder in Germany. There was “internal punishment” vote because of Iraq and internal affairs. Rodriguez Zapatero passed the test and won in Spain.

    Just in case there’s a conscient European resident reading this…

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