let’s hear from another great mother

Let’s hear it folks, from mother superior (see September 4, 2003) to Tom Waits. I didn’t know none of those audio archives, neither those pictures, and of course there is a lot more to be known, like The Fall’s covers of Mothers and Beefheart (by way of WFMU’S BLAST O’ HOT AIR). And since it is mother’s day, you can enlarge your knowledge of their inventiveness, from slavery, to the space suit and Windshield Wipers.

Uncle Dickie’s Shameless Quickies

If you’ve ever been part of a band, you’ll know that coming up with a decent band name that everyone can agree upon is not an easy thing (to say the least). As for our little teenage rocking combo, we’ve gone from “Appartment 23” through “Inflatable Henry” and “Virgil Venus” to “Moonbug” (and we’re still not satisfied :). Browsing this page, I rather liked “The Glands Of External Secretion” or “Uncle Dickie’s Shameless Quickies” though. Brainfood for the next rehearsal…

One of the brain police…

Now this could be a risky occupation, i jest ye not. For after avowing to being one of the brain police, the future held as an acquaintance the infamous charles manson, and thus far 35 years in prison for murder. A musician before his association with famous folk though, he has still found opportunities to subsequently pursue this, especially since requesting transfer from californias state prison system. I quite like this tranquil tune from the selection you can sample. Well, i guess it beats being a rock.

Enormous Penis

TBN rides again! Parts Two of FZ KPPC DJ and FZ BBC DJ are awaiting your download. Also make sure you check out the DaVinci’s Notebook selection – an acapella act that performs such titles as “Internet Porn”, “Enormous Penis” and “Liposuction”. Yes: barbershop singing is alive and kicking (and it has, apparently, an enormous penis).

Something to cheer up

Something to cheer up our french readers: Les Fils de l’Invention announce a Special Zappa Evening, to take place in Paris, 27 August. Several Z-movies will be projected (including one where both the Monkees and Frank appear!), and rumour has it Gail Zappa will be attending the event.

Keeping up the good tradition of posting totally unrelated links, here’s a bunch of adequately mutilated Re-Versed Rock Lyrics. Check out Smells Like Holy Spirit which is particularly -uh- like totally bitchin! Amen Sister Mari!