It’s here. It’s hot. The Zappa Plays Zappa DVD, finally available on Barfko-Swill. Warmly recommended by all of us here at Barry Towers!

Word of warning: NTSC format — unlike the PAL copy I bought at the Antwerp gig…

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  1. jane23 says:

    I realize that this has nothing to do with the ZPZ release but i did not know where else to introduce it. I was researching the Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis and found out that Mr. Lewis wrote another book entitled: “It Can’t Happen Here”, a semi-satirical political novel by published in 1935 . It features newspaperman Doremus Jessup struggling against the fascist regime of President Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, who resembles (to some extent) the flamboyantly dictatorial Huey Long of Louisiana and Gerald B. Winrod, the Kansas evangelist whose far-right views earned him the nickname “The Jayhawk Nazi”. It serves as a warning that political movements akin to Nazism can come to power in countries such as the United States when people blindly support their leaders.
    President Buzz???

  2. scott says:

    “…and they thought it couldn’t happen here!”

  3. urbangraffito says:

    Reminiscent of the 1941 Frank Capra film “Meet John Doe” featuring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.

    Anyway, getting back to the post at hand, think I’ll wait until ZPZ plays here on the 23rd and pick up the DVD after the concert (along with whatever goodies they might be offering we Canucks).

  4. urbangraffito says:

    “…and they thought ZPZ would never play here!”

  5. jane23 says:

    on the cover of the dvd dweezil looks like a little kid in pajamas playing a guitar that is way too big for him.

  6. damp ankles says:

    >>>>such as the United States when people blindly support their leaders.

    GW certainly *had* his supporters, but that’s all over, for the sane people. But, let’s remember, he wasn’t ever elected. Both the ’00 and the ’04 elections were stolen. Our political process is that screwed up. Gore won as did Kerry. What can I say? Corporatism took over, long before I was of voting age. But, this Rome will fall, too, one day.

    Now, back to the music, eh??

  7. urbangraffito says:

    What did you win? What did you lose? From my perspective, FZ saw all this back when tricky Dicky was mailing out his pink sheets…

  8. Jamez says:

    When is the Zappa plays Zappa DVD gonna be in general release in the stores in the UK? That’s what I wanns know!

  9. Zuppa says:

    And now it’s NOT available, it seems?! Did anyone manage to get a copy through Musictoday.com?

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