ZPZ DVD: Sneak Preview

So the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD is finally for sale at concerts since the Paris gig (Oct 5). Want to have a look at the goodies? Here’s a little sneak preview to whet your appetite…



Quite the playlist, eh? Oh, and that autograph across the front cover doesn’t come with the standard package! :)

16 Responses to “ZPZ DVD: Sneak Preview”

  1. Chris E. says:

    “Quite the playlist, eh?”

    It is, but I think they’re crazy not to have put Imaginary Diseases on there. I saw them open with it in Boston – it sounded unbelievable!

  2. Jamez says:

    A Zappa fan’s dream come true songwise, but when are they gonna release it in the stores?!

  3. Balint says:

    Yes! Imaginary Diseases!!! True!!
    At first I was no amazed, I dont know why, but listennig to it again: its good! Fine orchestration, Vai’s solos… great stuff. Some great moments, allright.

  4. Balint says:

    Two more things: between the bonuses there’s Pygmy Tw. and an interview, with nothing really new. But: a normal CD would be fine (maybe with Im. Diseases?). I’d listen to it a lot, I think.

  5. Balint says:

    Did you notice that nr. 11 is missing form disc one?… Hehe.

  6. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Did you notice that nr. 11 is missing form disc one?… Hehe.

    Wow, someone at the ZFT is sooo getting fired right about now…

  7. Sterbus says:

    Maybe bacause “father o’blivion” is splitted in two pieces?

  8. Jeroen says:

    Is the bonus Pygmy Twylyte audio only? And is the arrangement as astounishing as the performance this year?
    I’m not a Vai fan, but that song alone (as played this year) is worth owning the DVD.

  9. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Jeroen: full blown video — and a great arrangement if you ask me.

  10. Jeroen says:


  11. Dimaension X says:

    One more time!! WHEN is it available in Retail Stores???


  12. Jake St. Vitus says:

    I made a request of ZFT to publish information about the DVD on their website. Let’s see if they do.

  13. FZDolfan says:

    It wasn’t available at the NYC show tonight, and the merch people knew nothing about it. And it was the first night of the US leg of the tour, so they should not have been out of it.

    I did pick up Zappa\Wazoo though!

  14. James Paul says:

    They were selling it in PAL (European format) in Wallingford, Ct. tonight… What is the deal? It is done, where is it in the US?????

  15. Jamez says:

    When’s in gonna be in the UK stores?

  16. Naval Aviation Online? says:

    What do you know, I have that EXACT same one, autograph and all…


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