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Freak Out In Cucamonga

It’s taken a long time (see previous reportage), but now a release of the Cucamonga documentary is imminent! Check out the brand new website and the trailer (which features some artwork by Dr Sharl and myself). Lookin’ mighty good, Mr Fiorenza…

Disney Dupree

At the Walt Disney Concert hall next January 5 and 6 2008: the LA Philharmonic to perform Zappa’s Dupree’s Paradise. Via David Ocker, who adds:

It’s been quite a while since the LA Phil has done any of Frank’s music, so even this modest programming of one piece is pretty remarkable.

Airtravel Tip

Tired of that guy next to you on the airplane who smells bad and takes up all the armspace? Here’s some sound advice for you:

Open your bag quietly. Take out your laptop. Start it. Make sure your annoying neighbor has a clear view on the screen of your laptop. Close your eyes, lift your head up to the heavens, take a very dramatic deep breath and click on this link.

Heh-heh. (via Pietel)

Giant Steps

The John Coltrane classic, as played by… a robot:

Oh, and they conduct orchestra’s as well, apparently. Crazy.


Alex Machacek of the Out Trio:

Terry Bozzio joined Korn: yes, the rumors are true… therefore the gig at the Zappanale 2007 is cancelled. Chad Wackerman will play instead of the Out Trio. The proposed European tour 2007 is also cancelled. The new Out Trio CD (which was recorded/jammed) last year is still waiting for some heavy editing is on hold now.

Inside The Hungarian Psyche

Group Hug!

Introducing someone as a ‘friend’ communicates more commitment to the Hungarian than what you probably mean using this word, especially if you come from the American culture. It takes time for someone to call you his friend in Hungary, and if it happens, you are one of the few chosen ones. Americans tend to have a low wall on the outside, and a higher one on the inside. Hungarians have a higher wall on the outside, but once you are in, you are in.

For more, spend some time perusing this indispensible guide to the Inner Hungarian. :)

The Voice Of Cheese: John Russell

On to the third Voice of Cheese! This one comes to us from John “Squid Decor” Russell. He says:

This is an instrumental which started on the bass. The bass has a perpetual repeat going. So In the spirit of Adrian Belew, I sort of build on this foundation.. adding notes to it. I layer a tasteful guitar melody over the top. It has a pedestrian beat to it. Very easy going… and reminds me of Fleetwood Mac’s Albatros song.

Click the arrow to have a listen:


Like it? Download it.

WOIIFTM In 60 Seconds

… as part of WFMU’s Ten Albums In 10 Minutes.

Philly ’88 Soundcheck

Via Bernard, who stumbled upon it at The Central Scrutinizer, who found it on Scott Thunes’ site:

I have a sneaking suspicion the guy who posted this on YouTube (wesbroadway) reads KUR. If so: full circle!

Let’s Move To Cleveland (II)

What have they been adding to Cleveland’s water lately? First there was the R ‘n R’s Hall of Fame Museum week-long celebration of Frank Zappa. Now there’s this performance by Red {an orchestra} with music from Varèse, Stravinsky, Webern — and Zappa.

The Mothers of Appropriation

I honestly have no idea:

Get ready for the second coming of the Frank Zappa Choir : The Mothers of Appropriation, coming at you at this year’s NSCAD Wearable Art Show!

Detroit ’69

For reasons that shall remain unbeknownst to you dear reader, I shall be offline for most of next Friday. Hence this Praecox Friday Boot: Detroit Michigan, 17 May 1969. Oh, and Gilles wants me to tell you:

Attention, le son est réellement mauvais…

D*wnl*ad: N*rth Central C*llege, Naperville, ’74

Y*u might have already n*ticed this *ne at With James “Bird Legs” Y*uman *n bass and T*m F*wler as the “Mistery P*inter”. *h Atlantis.

Free mp3!

I’ll just quote Duncan who sent in this link:

Free MP3s from (we can’t sell them so we may as well give them away) Zune. Don’t download Weird Al Yankovic :).

Fireworks Tornado

The Fireworks Ensemble performing G-Spot Tornado at the Miller Theater‘s Zappa concert (2/2/07):