Inside The Hungarian Psyche

Group Hug!

Introducing someone as a ‘friend’ communicates more commitment to the Hungarian than what you probably mean using this word, especially if you come from the American culture. It takes time for someone to call you his friend in Hungary, and if it happens, you are one of the few chosen ones. Americans tend to have a low wall on the outside, and a higher one on the inside. Hungarians have a higher wall on the outside, but once you are in, you are in.

For more, spend some time perusing this indispensible guide to the Inner Hungarian. :)

2 thoughts on “Inside The Hungarian Psyche”

  1. Egghead’s services: ” in the beginning”.

    Magyars ( = Hungarians) and Suomis ( = Finns) entered European territories more than 1000 years ago.
    They made their way ( unlike other inter- European migration, way back in these old times) from beyond the Ourals.

    They were- then – one tribe. Arriving in Western European territories they splitted up. Suomi people went to the north. Magyars settled down in Central Europe.

    I have beeen told – by two ex – PMs from those countries- that there are – right now – only an extremely limited number of common words left in their respective languages.

    What’s left of that common heritage?

    One element = the love for Music. Genuine respect for those people.

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