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Fruitcake Ahoy

Homosexual rock stars! Groupies! SEX! SATAN! Oh boy:

Rocker Frank Zappa (who discovered the awful truth December 4, 1993 the second he died) proudly boasted: “I’m the devil’s advocate. We have our own worshippers who are called ‘groupies.’ Girls will give their bodies to musicians as you would give a sacrifice to a god.” (Peters Brothers, What About Christian Rock, p. 17)

Wanted: Copywriter

eat yellow snow

See also: douchebags, every creative department has at least one.

Picture by elmada, found at Flickr’s Frank Zappa Pool.

YouTube & Warner Strike Music Licensing Deal

Yes indeed:

Under the deal, Warner Music has agreed to license its songs to the people who upload their videos to YouTube. Meaning that any video producer can now legally use Warner Music in their videos as theme or background music, or even produce alternative videos for Warner songs.

… and you know whose music is licensed under Warner, right?
More at Tech Crunch.

Thunes Talks

The Idiot Bastard got to interview Scott Thunes recently:

IB: What can you tell me about the session with Lisa Popeil?
ST: You mean the original meeting? Or the week she was a full-fledged member of the ensemble before Frank had to fire her because it was painfully obvious that she was unable to deal with the real-music elements (ie. non-classical) of a rock-band’s particulars? Or the time we were in the bathroom together, making out? I don’t recall much about that particular time, so I was glad she mentioned it in song. I fondly recall her soft smooth skin, and her bounteous breasts and her obvious sexual passion, but I’m a gentleman and she’s a lady and we don’t talk about such things.

Hasn’t changed a bit, that Scott. :)

Trance Fusion Confirmed

An intrepid KUR reader (aren’t you all!) was browsing through a .pdf of Ryko Distribution’s upcoming releases and found this page at the end. So I guess that makes it official: Trance-Fusion, to be released 24 October 2006. (Thanks Thomas!)

Air Guitar Vai

(Via another Barry — thanks, Another Barry!)

Update: video still up over here. Thank god we didn’t end up violating copyright with regard to this seminal performance as caught on tape.


Bruising your ego one bluf at a time.

Drammen ’82

Three cheers for Gilles as he presents another 2-week Friday Boot: Drammen, Norway May 8 ’82.


What’s in a name :)

Trans Fusion

… appears to be available for pre-order over at cd universe — “Scheduled to release Tuesday, October 24, 2006″… (Thanks Rob!)

Rubber Slices

A Zappa bootleg up for grabs, courtesy of Hipi De Tripi:

Directo de Zappa en el Knebworth Festival, Inglaterra, el 9 de septiembre de 1978 con la banda que grabó el majestuoso Sheik Yerbouti.

(Alas with annoyances.)

Where’s Zappa On iTunes?

Ian Stonehouse just alerted me to the fact that all of Frank Zappa’s back catalogue seems to have mysteriously vanished from the iTunes music store. I checked, and sure enough: nothing there — at least for now. Could it have anything to do with the freshly released version 7?

One Person One SUV

Speak Up has a great post about wartime propaganda posters — both real and parody.

SU war

Much of the conservation messages during the World Wars was brought about by actual need. Those wars devastated trade between western nations, and the need to conserve and to be as self-sufficient as possible was real. Times have changed, and it would take a truly global war to put the pinch on North America’s supply chains in a similar way. However, the parallels with the supply of fuel are obvious, and the lack of a major government-funded conservation movement, curious. Surely it is the most “patriotic” thing to do?

More ZappaTubeâ„¢

Some Zappa videoclips to soften your Monday-blues:

(Thanks Abe!)

Steve Mann

Steve Mann is one of the “people who contributed materially” as listed on the ”Freak Out” album (he played some with the early Mothers just after Henry Vestine). He has a new CD called “Alive and Pickin” and you can read about it and Steve’s current life on his site.
Via Rick Wood via email.