7 thoughts on “No es un boludon!”

  1. well ex-Q-smeee…! compared to Willy Claeys, who hasn’t happen to have “the media” on his side, Mr Delvoye is a green bean. But i have to admit, he is not a boludon (please don’t ask me to define the term in english, i wouldn’t know how to do it.)
    I mean, he’s got the shitting machine exposed in several galleries…clever, pretty clever.
    Ok, Wim Delvoye no es un boludon! Now, the world knows it…

  2. I’d say “boludo” is a person with “swollen” balls rather than “big balls” in the sense of courageous, or fiery. A “boludon” is a big “boludo”. In Argentina (and Uruguay, i think in Chile too) we indeed use the expression for an asshole or idiot.

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