Buy Faeces Now!

cloaca.gifLoyal readers (who am I kidding) may remember my post last year December about the Cloaca machine. Lo and behold: the contraption now has a site of its own! Note: this is not a hoax, it is an Actual Work of Art by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, which has been displayed in many museums across the world. Delvoye’s latest project by the way, envolves tattooing poems on the skin of live pigs.

3 thoughts on “Buy Faeces Now!”

  1. You would have to enjoyed the face of the girl next to me (in the public internet booth i am now) when i opened this link…:-)

  2. errr, no thanks Wim Delvoye, I don’t think I will purchase one of your “artworks”. I’m not even interested in selling my own – who knows I may be flushing a fortune down the bog.
    (“teetotal vegetarian” – whadya expect?)

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