System Of A Down

It would appear the latest System Of A Down is seriously Zappaesque:

“With their penchant for tricky time shifts and munchkins-on-helium operatics, SOAD often recall no one so much as — no lie, kids — the late Frank Zappa. Indeed ”Cigaro,” with its blunt phallic references, is a close cousin to such notorious Zappa efforts as ”Bwana Dik,” and the anti-television ”Violent Pornography” recalls Uncle Frank’s similarly themed ”I’m the Slime.” (Personal to the System guys: If you ever need a novelty B side, think about covering ”Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.” It’s you, dudes.)”

Just What The World Needs

Cheezy Quiz Alert Code Red: What Is Your World View?

world view thingamabob

You scored as Cultural Creative. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.

* does the ritual dance and invocation of the young pumpkin *

Storable Slime

Philips India Limited launches the Philips 21PT2215, with Zappa Technology – the latest in the company’s international range of colour televisions. Mr Suresh Sukumaran, Director CTV Marketing, said “Zappa technology enables you to store your favourite channels and accessing them is just one click away. With this technology, it is no longer required to zap through innumerable undesired channels to find your favourite ones.”

Incredible! What exciting times we live in!

London Blues

Back from London, and my legs have officially turned into jelly. (Physique? What physique?) A mighty good time was had though, including a night on the town with Magic Fingers of ETPro fame. Took lots of pictures, most of which are none of your bloody business, but this little item spotted in Soho had a certain FZ aroma about it:

stylish mustaches

And then of course, there was this(Thanks MF!)

Right then, back to business!


Friendly word of advice: never book a trip on a Friday 13th. Of all the 365 days in this year, Belgian Railway workers, in their infinite wisdom, decide to go on strike today. We are talking about people that go on strike whenever someone so much as farts on a train. Lord knows when we’ll be able to take the EuroStar this afternoon. I have a feeling this is going to be a long day…

Update 15/05: Surprizingly, we got to Brussels no problem. From there the London trip was an absolute blast. Full reportage to follow.

Let’s Move To Brixton

Jesus Christ, London is expensive, let me tell you. The Good Doctor and I have been checking out the sites of some clubs and bars to visit on our upcoming London trip — only to find that entry fees vary from £15 to £25. That’s just insane. Makes me wonder how the fuck people manage to survive there! Doesn’t matter if the club/bar in question serves jazz, or rock, or Irish folk of spunk or punk. We did however find a reasonably priced club down in Brixton that appears to have some cool live jazz on their late-nite menu. Either that, or it’s a cunning ploy to rob us of our money once we get off the tube.
If you don’t hear from me next Monday, feel free to dial the emergency services, and have them know we were last spotted at Brixton Station…