System Of A Down

It would appear the latest System Of A Down is seriously Zappaesque:

“With their penchant for tricky time shifts and munchkins-on-helium operatics, SOAD often recall no one so much as — no lie, kids — the late Frank Zappa. Indeed ”Cigaro,” with its blunt phallic references, is a close cousin to such notorious Zappa efforts as ”Bwana Dik,” and the anti-television ”Violent Pornography” recalls Uncle Frank’s similarly themed ”I’m the Slime.” (Personal to the System guys: If you ever need a novelty B side, think about covering ”Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow.” It’s you, dudes.)”

2 thoughts on “System Of A Down”

  1. I agree with the writer’s parting comment that FZ never grasped the idea that ‘less is more’. Thing Fish is a good example; it would have been much better edited down to 36 minutes…

  2. Thingfish
    parlor fittings

    I love Thingfish and always hoped for a prequel…that giant noggin and happy grin (sneer) makes me hap

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