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TBN Mother’s Day Update

One may well wonder how we get away with calling an update Mothers Day so obviously after the fact, but the answer is simple: at TBN EVERY day is a Mothers Day!

The Big Note Presents: Mother’s Day Edition!

Travers & Beller Are In

From The Keneallist newsletter:

This is most likely your final opportunity to see this amazing, powerful band for many moons. After these MKB US dates, Joe [Travers, drums] and Bryan [Beller, bass] will spend the remainder of 2005 as a crucial part of Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa’s “Zappa Plays Zappa” tour.

(Thanks to the multitude of people who forwarded this one to me! ;))

Got Your Tickets?

Tickets for Zappa Plays Zappa at Vorst Nationaal (11/11/05) went on sale today here in Belgium, and The Doctor & I already have ours secured (at €46 a piece but hey). Here’s to hoping there will be some cool ‘Special Guests’ besides Flo & Eddie… Have any of you purchased your tickets yet? If so, what’s “your” venue?

Grenoble ’88

On May 19th ’88 FZ played Le Summum, Grenoble, France. Here’s Part One of the show, once again reaffirming my love for the wonderful ’88 band. Thanks Gilles!

Edit: For those who doubt this gig actually took place, here’s the ticket stub to prove it.

The Return Of Flo & Eddie?

According to Frippe, who points to this (Swedish) news article, the Zappa Plays Zappa tour is going to have Flo & Eddie in the band from start to finish. “According to Sundsvalls Tidning it will be a ten man band with ‘young musicians'”.

Updäte: This article confirms the presence of Flo & Eddie during the tour (thanks again Frippe).

Update 2: George Duke will be attending as well (thanks Balint).


Okay, sure, but: Is It Normal?

Almost Cut My Hair

phil spector

Who’s this then? Sophia from The Golden Girls? Nope. It’s Phil Spector on trial for the February 2003 shooting death of B-movie star Lana Clarkson. I think Phil’s in dire need of a benevolent hairconsultant.
(Thanks TahoeJim!)

Welcome Aboard The Frank Zappa

Next time you fly Lauda Air, go for nothing less than the newly acquired Frank Zappa 184 seater. On board, nothing but burnt weeny sandwiches and chili for food with black coffee on the side, I reckon…
(Thanks Fredrik!)

Poop Tooth

Whip out yer dualling banjo’s: Ryan Greis’ Poop Tooth is Deliverance all over again.

Comprehending Sarcasm



Zappa Plays Zappa – It’s Official

From the inbox:

tour de frank

The Official Authorised Announcement
Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa Perform The Music of Frank Zappa
Major 2005 European Tour with Surprise Special Guests
Starts 25th October in Barcelona!

More information here

Be In My Video

See Paris Hilton and her new video!

Appleton 69

Balint’s also has a new download up for grabs (available for a month, I presume): Appleton, May 1969. Download Frenzy Friday!

The Picture Of Everything

Two years in the making, and it shows. (via artsy fartsy)

Early Stonybrook

We’ve had the late show, how about Stonybrook NY State Uni, October 15 ’78 – the early show?