5 thoughts on “Early Stonybrook”

  1. There are some weird cuts in there for sure. Most tracks seem to consist of an ending of a song play the beginning of a new one. Hmm…or at least that’s what they made us THINK it is….

  2. The tags are really messed up, too. Here’s what I ended up with, after about an hour of scratching my potato head.

    1 Variations on Sinister Footwear 9:23
    2 Dancin’ Fool>Easy Meat 9:30
    3 Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?>Keep It Greasey 9:21
    4 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing>City of Tiny Lites 8:37
    5 City of Tiny Lites>Pound For A Brown 8:33
    6 Pound For A Brown solos 8:29
    7 Bobby Brown>Conehead 8:29
    8 Conehead guitar solo/Apostrophe> 5:22
    9 Tink’s jam 5:00
    10 Little House I Used To Live In 8:38
    11 Yo Mama> 9:38
    12 Yo Mama>Dinah-Moe Humm 8:48
    13 Camarillo Brillo 6:35
    14 Muffin Man 5:11

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