Pretentious? Moi?

Some good reads in this Zappa appreciation thread. Noteworthy quote from one DonkeyRhubarb: “Has anyone thought about what it is that is exactly wrong with being pretentious? I’m pretentious all the time, I enjoy it. I have a good job, a stable relationship, a loving family and lots of friends. So what if I sit in the pub disscusing the artistic merits of Don van Vliet every now and then. And I wear a beret, a full length brown leather jacket and smoke Giantes.”

Shocking outcome in kidnaped chicken case

In a baffling turn of events, Doreen, Joe Travers’ chicken that was apparently kidnaped last week was caught by papparazzi in revealing attire, along with one of her captors. The perpetrators had previously sent a ransom note demanding the famous Vaultmeister release the Roxy dvd, considered the pearl of FZ’s vault-oyster, in exchange for setting her free. Brainwashing? Gigantic hoax? See for yourself. Regardless, Joe can now breathe relieved as life goes on…