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Radio Days

No time to have a listen just now, but I will definitely be checking out radiolovers which offers vintage radio shows in mp3 format, for free. Abbott & Costello! Boris Karloff! Buck Rogers!

DIY Tron

Jay Maynard wanted a Tron costume, so he made one himself. But really, would you trust this running around inside your computer?

Modern Day Composer

Great idea: “Hello! Welcome to my home on the Internet. I turn emails into music.”

like a valley cheese

BTW, Kraftwerk’s remains one of the coolest site I ever saw. As for their music, well, I always found it a litlle cheesey, but maybe it’s nicely displayed… like a cheese, eventualy it got better after some time, and prized elsewhere. (“A poet’s hope: to be, / like some valley cheese, / local, but prized elsewhere.” Auden)

I hear the bell door ring

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, some Beefheart’s orphans don’t know if they are black or white. Well, if you are in a terrible need of a new body… there is only ONE PLACE where you will find some great 20 century music to download for free. Just do it.

Oops I Did It Again

Umm… red enough for you?

Damn time difference

It’s very late here, i can’t keep it up but thanks Nigey, David, John, Greg and the people at WUSB for, indeed, a dynamite show plenty of rare stuff and good info. It’s always thrilling to hear Zappa on the radio!

Barry Towers webcam update!

All is well now. Cheers WUSB!

Barry Towers Live!

WUSB broadcast: the story of a disaster.


Well here we are trying to tune into WUSB’s Zappathon, and what iTunes is giving us, is speeded up gibberish. Hello hello? WUSB?


Seen here:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
Errh, it happened to be a dutch book, so I’ll translate:

“We age the most while we are young.”
De Vergankelijkheid – Midas Dekkers.

I’d be interested to read your responses, by the way.


Ladies & gentlemen: the next Luth Undelwood.

Poop For Peace

And now for some real poop: “Empathy through excrement. Brotherhood through bowel movement. Utopia through undulating butt pythons. Today, April 16, 2004, war is over — if you grunt it.”


Moo World Order, in a breathtaking essay, discovers new conceptual continuity! Meanwhile, elsewhere

Frank & Jimi Be Jammin’

Via via via: rumour has it, Gail has someone working (full time…?) in the vaults, looking for tape from two unreleased studio sessions Frank had with Jimi Hendrix.
(yes: it’s Clean The Inbox Day at KUR! :)