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Izzy La B

Have a look at this marvellous example of contemporary webdesign, authored by a certain someone whom we shall name Izzy La B. Then click on the Kill Ugly Radio links on that page. …back? That was fun eh?


On e-Bay: very cool Zappa Songbook for sale. Besides the sheet music, it contains 8 full page pictures and 20 + pages of illustrations by Cal Schenkel. Also contains a 14 page manuscript reproduction. Owner says the book is in excellent condition. Looks tempting…

Courtney Cuckoo

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe far far away: “I have a magic pussy,” she announces. “If you fuck me, you become a king. I’m a kingmaker.”


“Just look at these people. Maybe they are all screwing their dentists and nannies and getting the clap and living in a spiritual void–they’re still floating on an ocean of booze and glamour.”


If, like me, you find it impossible to write a single sentence without wondering about proper punctuation, don’t take this test. The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe…

Blow that Surfboard Some More

From Alan at Cordelia Records: “‘Lemme Take You to the Beach’ has come back from the pressing plant“… Pas op: “For an initial period the postage on this CD is free to anywhere in the world”!

The Blimp

The Horror of The Blimp.

Boots Keep ‘A Comin’

Is there such a thing as Friday Bandwidth Indigestion? Check this boots resource and find out. Among other stuff there’s about 4 Zappa boots up for grabs. (thanks Bernard!)

Touch the Screen

Q: Do they have internet in heaven?
A: Hell yeah!

Link Dump

Mr. Filipe writes:

Mr. Barry,
I’m going out now for a “working weekend trip”. I hope it will be the last
for quite sometime… I’m with no time now to put those links at KUR. If
you think it is worthy, please, be comfortable to share the better ones with
the rest of the hungry freaks.

Without further ado!
Pollock and An Analysis of Frank Zappa’s Be-Bop Tango
Giorgio Comolo portraits of Zappa
American Eye
President Clinton, Zappa Male

Boston Friday

As if you hadn’t noticed yet, there’s a new concert up for your listening pleasure: Boston, Feb 20 ’88. This one’s a moderately heavy download, so I can’t assure it’ll be up all week…

What I Am

‘t would appear that I am a very large salad buffet who loves to corrupt Bill Cosby.

Like, A Scrotum

Aaaaaaaargh! Here’s to crossing my legs for the rest of the day.

Like, Afoot

Like, OMG: “Two decades after the song Valley Girl popularized it, a fresh effort is afoot to stamp out this linguistic quirk. The generation that grew up saying like is hitting adulthood and the work force. As a result, it is in the lexicon of investment bankers, doctors and even teachers, where it can sound especially jarring.” Heck, they’re even making musicals about it now.

When In Doubt…

I can’t help myself. I had to go and make some adjustments to the stylesheet. Redesigning in public! It’s the new cool. When in doubt, reload