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Carne de Identidad

Perky ones, fat ones, hairy ones. Even tattooed ones. Only in Buenos Aires!


Best. Zappa. Sculpture. Ever.

Here’s one with your father’s moustache

There’s still time for applying to the World Beard and Moustache Championships, taking place this year in Carson City, USA. Imperials+goatees are listed in the Categories section. Be daring!

Keeping fingers crossed!

While Barry is competing with his band Moonbug at the WestTalent rock rally, i’ve found this interesting site featuring covers and the groups that made them which seems to be pretty much exhaustive (for example, even when The Persuasions are listed once under “Frank Zappa”, the rest of the covers they made from him are listed under “The Persuasions”). Btw, Barry made his Zen practice, had his daily 6 liters of radiactive water and rehearsed 27 times his Abbot & Costello routine for the event, so i think everything is gonna be ok for Moonbug. Bonne chance!

Ennobling, educational…

… links to enjoy while you listen to the Palladium boot. First, a bit of art: how the Yoni has been represented throughout the years. Very cultural. Then, some advice for sexual newcomers: mistakes men make while having sex. So mind broadening! Finally here’s the form to avoid any risk of being sued if you don’t accomplish the aforementioned advice. Get enlightened!

Autumn Boots

Aah, autumn… leaves are falling, it’s time to harvest the pumpkins, the days are getting shorter, winter depression lurks right around the corner… what better time for a Halloween boot? The Palladium, New York, 31-Oct-1981 (Pt. One), enjoy…

Made at the zappa studio…

Although the Zappas haven’t kept track of exactly how many pieces they’ve produced over the years, each time they sit down at the potter’s wheel their love of their craft comes alive. “throwing is still the favorite part of the process for both of us”.

Group Hug!

Oh go on and make a confession, you know you want to

Safe Muffinz

Partner in crime Filipe Ceppas has put up “Safe Muffinz”, from Santa Monica Civic Center, August 21 1970 – apparently known on numerous bootlegs as “Jul 1971, El Monte Legion Stadium”. I’m not so much of a Flo & Eddie fan, but if you are, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one.

Conceptual Artists School


Best Kinda Pet

Baby Snakes, the DVD, can now be pre-ordered and should be shipping after November 18… The big question though: will it have *subtiles*?


American Composer, Parts 5 to 8 are up, and the fridge is pretty much defrosted now, thanks for asking. Any takers for a mammoth corpse?

Save Cute Radio!

Check out the kind Chrome Dinette: this month they are broadcasting As An Am, part of the first Beat The Boots set, featuring “Sharleena” and…”Black Napkins” (the most horn…i mean, romantic theme from FZ ever!)


Do you think this place is an addiction ?

Defrosting the Fridge

Since Barry is pretty much occupied de-frosting the office’s fridge, which happened to have a mammoth corpse stuck inthere, i’m posting today’s boot for your enjoyment: part two of a concert that took place in Berlin, March 4 1976. If you have any complaints, differs, disagreements, contravenes, criticizes, imputes, indictments, laments, reproaches, expostulates, just e-mail God. He is the only one responsible!