Keeping fingers crossed!

While Barry is competing with his band Moonbug at the WestTalent rock rally, i’ve found this interesting site featuring covers and the groups that made them which seems to be pretty much exhaustive (for example, even when The Persuasions are listed once under “Frank Zappa”, the rest of the covers they made from him are listed under “The Persuasions”). Btw, Barry made his Zen practice, had his daily 6 liters of radiactive water and rehearsed 27 times his Abbot & Costello routine for the event, so i think everything is gonna be ok for Moonbug. Bonne chance!

5 thoughts on “Keeping fingers crossed!”

  1. rob crow, of pinback, is a huge frank zappa, captain beefheart, and residents fan. he’s actually the reason i got into frank zappa. check out his other bands “thingy” and “heavy vegetable”, if you haven’t.

    pinback is great too. good stuff.

  2. Hey I had no idea Rob Crow was into zappa; Pinback music is not zappaesque at all, as far as I can tell. Thanks for the info billy.

  3. yeah, pinback’s pretty far removed from zappa, but if you listen to his other bands, you can hear the influence.

    in the song “radio” by his band heavy vegetable, he goes through a list of bands he likes that aren’t on the radio:

    slint, sentridoh, zappa, beefheart, can, the residents, renaldo and the loaf, velvet underground, welsy willis, shaggs, staccato reeds, bongos bass and bob, devo.

    he’s also covered a few residents tunes, “times up” and “perfect love” on the cd “mondo aqua kitty” by his band “heavy vegetable”. really neat covers, because they’re all acoustic.

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