Talking Heads @ CBGB’s at Wolfgang’s Vault

This appearance at New York’s seminal punk club, CBGBs, on May 31st, 1977 captures the Talking Heads before their debut record had even been released. The band’s characteristic sound is already fully evident as they dig into some classic material including their artsy interpretation of Al Green’s “Take Me to the River” and the career-defining “Psycho Killer.”

Concert Set List:

* 1. Don’t Worry About The Government 3:08
* 2. Take Me To The River 5:37
* 3. Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town 3:02
* 4. Psycho Killer 5:18

The Talking Heads are:

David Byrne – vocals, guitar
Chris Frantz – drums
Jerry Harrison – guitar, keyboards
Tina Weymouth – bass

Click here to listen to the concert.

Let’s Help Out A Mother

Help Jimmy Carl Black

Last week, Jimmy Carl Black had an operation to remove a tumour on his lung. Now, the tumour has turned out to be cancerous. Idiot Bastard Son, who spoke with Jimmy last Thursday writes:

He sounded fairly chipper, but they say they can now only treat him with more chemotherapy. He comes out of hospital on Monday (1 September) and will soon start his treatment as an out patient. To help Jimmy pay his mounting medical bills, there’s a special limited edition CD (Stick Man For Ever!) and some nifty apparel and other stuff available to buy here. Please do what you can to help the dear old Mother.

Cancer is a treacherous bitch. Do place an order if you can…

Picture courtesy of antaladriaanse

Looking for a Virgin with Nice Breath.

Releases from the Zappa Family Trust:

In a previous post, I made the comment, rather flippantly, that “In the final analysis, it’s not what Gail (Zappa) says that is of any real importance, it’s her actions that speak volumes.” In this post, I’ve decided to put those smug words to the test.

First, I went to my Frank Zappa collection and identified all those posthumous releases (limited, of course, to those titles actually released by Gail Zappa and the Zappa Family Trust — thus, the list above).

Of these sixteen individual releases, I asked myself, which of them are the strongest, most worthwhile recordings, whether CD or DVD? Easy choice. Live recordings, particularly the full-length, or near full-length shows: FZ:OZ, Halloween, Imaginary Diseases, Buffalo, Wazoo, and The Torture Never Stops.

Next are those long awaited releases, and the archival type releases of interest to any diehard Zappa freak: QuAUDIOPHILIAc, Trance-Fusion, The MOFO Project/Object (the 4 CD version) and Classic Albums: Apostrophe(‘)/Over-Nite Sensation.

What’s left is a series of compilation CDs: Joe’s Corsage, Joe’s Domage, Joe’s XMASage, The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle, The Dub Room Special! (the 2007 CD compilation of the 1982 video) and One Shot Deal. All of which seemingly lack Frank Zappa’s genius for conceptual continuity and compiled in such a hodgepodge of styles of musical eras as to be distracting to listen to overall.

By my simple math (okay, not my best subject), the ZFT released ten winners out of a possible sixteen since they first began. That works out to be 62.5%. Okay. Room for improvement, sure. But not that bad.

Not that bad at all.

Impressions From Zappanale #19

From FZ tribute band Zappatika:

Sharl’s friend Debutante Daisy performing “Montana” with the Low Budget Research Kitchen:

Low Budget Research Kitchen plays “Inca Roads”:

The Wrong Object with Stanley J. Zappa on sax:

The Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars perform “One Shot Deal”:

The Paul Green School of Rock with Napoleon M. Brock and Denny Walley perform “Advance Romance”:

Many, many more to be found on YouTube…

When Rock Legend Widows Litigate

In November, the plaintiffs demanded that the organizers of the Zappanale be forced to pay a €250,000 penalty or be sent to jail for two years should the festival or the related “Arf-Society” refuse to comply.

Gail Zappa

Cut to the present:

The two sides now have some six weeks to come up with an out-of-court settlement. And the Zappa Family Trust may be willing to compromise. ZFT lawyers now say that the Zappanale can use the Zappa name if they brand the festival as “Zappa music and more.

Zappa music — and more! Them lawyers sure know how to win a case. Our credit card spending at work, ladies and gentlemen.

I’ll just let Der Spiegel do the talking.

To loosely quote Woody Allen though, if I may: “If you need me, I’ll be in the back having an anger attack.”

Roger Steen Interview @ Ultimate Guitar

Any fan of The Tubes will seriously enjoy Ultimate Guitar‘s interview with Roger Steen entitled, “The Tubes: Bizarre Is As Tubes Does”. Steen speaks of the band’s beginning in Pheonix, Arizona, their move to San Francisco in the early 1970s, and the band’s unique mixture of sounds and styles:

When we were first starting in the 60’s, my group of friends were not only listening to the radio, but also to original blues and jug-band recordings. We incorporated all these rootsy flavors with Motown, Hendrix, Cream, Zappa. When we all lived together in San Francisco, the influence came heavily from Beefheart, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, Mile’s Bitches Brew.

Click here for the rest of the interview.

’56 Fender Stratocaster

For sale on eBay, opening bid US $34,995.00: the guitar that “influenced a teen Frank Zappa to move away from drums & vibes to guitar!!!”

Used and played by Wally in the Blackouts (Frank Zappa’s 1st high school band) this rare ‘1956’ Fender Strat was used regularly by Wally & members including Frank to play thru “The Blackouts” shows and “The Omen” band before Frank Zappa started “The Mothers” & “The Mothers of Invention”.


(Hat tip: Tim Haines)

Avatar Redux

Back in May, I encouraged you to grab yourself an avatar and register it with Gravatar so that with every comment you make here, the image of your choice would show up along with it. Some of you did, but not nearly enough. Which is where this handy tool may be of service!

Here’s some Sharl and I prepared earlier:

balint avatarbarry avatar
sharleena avatar
urbangraffito avatar
magic fingers avatar
sofa avatar

In order of appearance:

  • Balint
  • Yours Truly
  • Sharleena
  • Urbangraffito
  • Magic Fingers
  • SOFA

Why not have a go yourself?