’56 Fender Stratocaster

For sale on eBay, opening bid US $34,995.00: the guitar that “influenced a teen Frank Zappa to move away from drums & vibes to guitar!!!”

Used and played by Wally in the Blackouts (Frank Zappa’s 1st high school band) this rare ‘1956’ Fender Strat was used regularly by Wally & members including Frank to play thru “The Blackouts” shows and “The Omen” band before Frank Zappa started “The Mothers” & “The Mothers of Invention”.


(Hat tip: Tim Haines)

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  1. [quote comment=”1994″]$35,000 is nothing in comparison to the $1,000,000 Dweezil wanted for the zappa/hendrix strat.[/quote]

    As Warren Zevon once said, “Value is to the collector!” But really, who would pay that sort of cash for an old used guitar? Even the zappa/hendrix strat was a piece of junk left underneath the stairs too long and had to be bastardized with parts from other guitars to even be played. That Dweezil asked for, and received, 1 million for such a dubious instrument shows that people will pay for just about anything. The joke really is on us. What’s next? Terry Bozzio’s drumsticks? Dale Bozzio’s bra’s? Gail Sloatman’s high school diploma (did she even graduate)? Don Van Vliet’s soprano sax? Roy Estrada’s bass strings from 1967? Frank’s handwritten lyrics to “Eddie Are You Kidding?”

    Eddie, Are You Kidding?

  2. [quote post=”317″]Why do you suck so much cock?[/quote]

    Where do all these intellectuals come from?

  3. Let the record show that Harmless Ted was quoting “Marky Mark”, who in turn has been showing off his intellectual skills by posting some 30 odd comments that mainly had the words “cock”, “suck”, “fucktard” and “kill yourself” in them. It saddens me to say we’ve “had to let him go”… 🙂

  4. So, if I quote him, you cannot delete his post? If, so: sorry! BTW, how does the quote function work properly?

  5. There’s two ways, Harmless Ted:

    -Either you want to quote the whole message, then just click on “Quote” (in the comment window you want to quote) and the whole message will appear before your reply;

    -Or, if you just want part of the message, select the part you want and click “Quote selected text” while you are writing your reply…

  6. Well, thats what I did (“Quote selected text”), but it still came up as a quote from Harmless Ted, which, ofcourse, it was not…

  7. I run into the same trap time and again. This here:
    [quote comment=”2029″]-Or, if you just want part of the message, select the part you want and click “Quote selected text” while you are writing your reply…[/quote]
    does not work as expected. It does not know the comment number that you selected the text from and simply uses the number of the comment that you are currently writing and thus you quote yourself.

    The only method to safely comment someone else’s comment is to click the Quote link on the comment you’re referring to. Then, however, you’ll have to remove that comment’s parts that you don’t want to quote, which is quite some work if the comment is longer.

    [quote comment=”2029″]and the whole message will appear before your reply[/quote]

    This actually appends the whole quoted message to the text that you already have written (or it simply uses the current cursor position, didn’t try this far…)

  8. With regard to the quoting issue:

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    Either way, the text it produces (“A quote from xyz”) remains semantically correct.

    I think.

  9. Why will no one answer Marky Mark’s (self-directed) question?

    It may be the key to understanding this tendency to get strangers to pay exorbitant sums of money for garage sale “tchotchke” like moldy guitars.

    For example:


    which shows “fighting cock roosters marked Vermay” leads us to do a little research showing that the questionable sport of cock fighting, the trajectory of Mark Wahlberg’s film career, and Jean Baptiste Vermay’s “Mary Stuart’s Death Sentence” are all tied in together.

    Indeed, As we all know Mark Walhberg and Dale Bozzio will be starring in the movie of that painting this year. And why was Mary Stuart (Mary, Queen of Scots) tried and executed in 1587? Trying to sell her cousin Elizabeth an overpriced oboe that (she claimed) was owned by Genghis Khan.


    Or maybe I misunderstood Mr. Mark. Anyways “Three quarks for Muster Mark!*” all the same.

    *Finnegans Wake

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