Hot Rats: 200 Gram Vinyl Edition

For you completists out there

Mastered and cut directly from the original analog master tape by Bernie Grundman under the supervision of Gail Zappa. This LP features Classic’s proprietary ultra quiet vinyl formula and our 200g Super Vinyl Profile II pressed on specially outfitted semi automatic presses for maximum sonic fidelity.

Hands up who’s going to buy this!

Radio Clyde

Aaah, pop culture: a T-shirt worn by FZ which he had obtained prior to a 1980 gig in Glasgow becomes “new must-have after American Idol appearance”:

[…] the Radio Clyde T-shirt has become the must-have item for Hollywood’s A-list. Trendsetters are rushing to buy the “261 top” – with the latest star to wear it being American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

radio clyde t-shirt

Richard Muir, marketing manager for Radio Clyde:

Clyde was playing Zappa music while some radio stations didn’t. He was proud to wear the shirt because he felt the station was supporting him.

The item in question can be found here, in case you were wondering.

’56 Fender Stratocaster

For sale on eBay, opening bid US $34,995.00: the guitar that “influenced a teen Frank Zappa to move away from drums & vibes to guitar!!!”

Used and played by Wally in the Blackouts (Frank Zappa’s 1st high school band) this rare ‘1956’ Fender Strat was used regularly by Wally & members including Frank to play thru “The Blackouts” shows and “The Omen” band before Frank Zappa started “The Mothers” & “The Mothers of Invention”.


(Hat tip: Tim Haines)

Huge Collection Of 78 RPM Records

… and when I say huge, I mean huge:

The following is a list of over 3600 titles recorded from my collection of 78 rpm records. Many of them are linked to MP3 files and will play what was recorded. No sound enhancement, just what was recorded. Right now, there are over 2,450 titles on this page linked to mp3’s.

You’ll find recordings from such diverse musicians as Spike Jones, Hank Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Jelly Roll Morton, Les Paul, Gene Krupa — oh, just have a look yourself. (via MeFi)