Huge Collection Of 78 RPM Records

… and when I say huge, I mean huge:

The following is a list of over 3600 titles recorded from my collection of 78 rpm records. Many of them are linked to MP3 files and will play what was recorded. No sound enhancement, just what was recorded. Right now, there are over 2,450 titles on this page linked to mp3’s.

You’ll find recordings from such diverse musicians as Spike Jones, Hank Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Jelly Roll Morton, Les Paul, Gene Krupa — oh, just have a look yourself. (via MeFi)

11 thoughts on “Huge Collection Of 78 RPM Records”

  1. I could spend a very long time checking this one out!
    I found ‘Barney Google’ – which was the first 45 I ever owned, at age 5. Quite the trip down memory lane…

  2. wow, this is great
    love your collection
    i only own three 78s
    zoot suit, by benny goodman
    Petrouchka, by stravinsky
    and the firebird suite, by stravinsky
    unfortunately the moving company busted one of the petrouchka discs

  3. Hey, and there are some REAL surprises: I’ve just found a tune called “Balint, The Blues” by Duke Ellington!!! 🙂

  4. Believe it. I’ve downloaded 93 of these. I’m listening to some Spike at the moment… The sound quality overall is pretty good – considering the source, and the transfer method.
    Still, pretty cool!
    (Sharl, I downloaded a tune called “Linares” – haven’t listned to it yet…)

  5. There’s one for Balint, one for me…i’m sure there must be one for every reader in this weblog!

  6. [quote comment=”1825″]Hey Wait!
    There’s a song by Red Foley and you have Red Folicles…
    That’s pretty close.[/quote]
    Makes me feel so much better, it does! 😀

    As for your predicament, I propose broadening your search to include divan, couch, um, chair, stool, …

  7. Yes, that does help (tho’ I couldn’t do Stool; makes me feel shitty)…
    “Last Night on the Back Porch” alludes to a little loving on the back porch, which – at that time – would have included a ‘porch swing’, which is a multi-person-sit-down-device, much like me…

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