Let’s Help Out A Mother

Help Jimmy Carl Black

Last week, Jimmy Carl Black had an operation to remove a tumour on his lung. Now, the tumour has turned out to be cancerous. Idiot Bastard Son, who spoke with Jimmy last Thursday writes:

He sounded fairly chipper, but they say they can now only treat him with more chemotherapy. He comes out of hospital on Monday (1 September) and will soon start his treatment as an out patient. To help Jimmy pay his mounting medical bills, there’s a special limited edition CD (Stick Man For Ever!) and some nifty apparel and other stuff available to buy here. Please do what you can to help the dear old Mother.

Cancer is a treacherous bitch. Do place an order if you can…

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Help Out A Mother”

  1. Yes, cancer is a treacherous bitch, Barry. I’ve long since lost count how many beloved friends and family I’ve lost to it. I’ll be ordering Jimmy Carl Black’s CD not only to help out a really great Mother, but on behalf, and in memory of, some really important folks I have known. Condolences to you and Sharleena.

  2. Here’s something else that should help:

    Sunday 9 November 2008
    The Bridgehouse
    Bidder Street
    Canning Town
    London E16

    Hopefully various Muffin Men and Sandro Oliva (plus more still to be confirmed) will play.

  3. Lost my dad to cancer in ’87 – grandfather in ’74… Both had been diagnosed, and treated “successfully”, years before.
    Treacherous indeed.
    My entire soul embraces you good Doctor – and Barry too. It sucks, just as much losing someone you want to know better, as it does losing someone close…
    Hugs, Kids!

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