Panzerballett Blitzes Zappanale

Panzerballett is a German ensemble that uses “an innovative, hard ‘n’ heady mixture of jazz, funk and metal, crossing complex polyrhythms with metal guitar riffing, funky grooves and jazz improvisation”. In the clip above, from Zappanale 19, they perform a medley of Zappa songs including “Oh´╗┐ No”, “City of Tiny Lites”, and “Evelyn, A Modified Dog”. Check out their website to hear some their other musical works.
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Impressions From Zappanale #19

From FZ tribute band Zappatika:

Sharl’s friend Debutante Daisy performing “Montana” with the Low Budget Research Kitchen:

Low Budget Research Kitchen plays “Inca Roads”:

The Wrong Object with Stanley J. Zappa on sax:

The Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars perform “One Shot Deal”:

The Paul Green School of Rock with Napoleon M. Brock and Denny Walley perform “Advance Romance”:

Many, many more to be found on YouTube…

Zappanale #19: The Line-Up

Thomas, aka Head Honcho of Zappanale, just confirmed the following bands for this year’s edition:

  • Anti Agressive Action Band aka “Underground Sensation”, USA, feat. members of Voice of Cheeze, Ugly Radio Rebellion Band, DOOT
  • Low Budget Research Kitchen, Portugal
  • Wrong Object, Belgium
  • Finnish Zappa Tribute Band, Finnland
  • Paul Green School of Rock plays Zappa and YES, USA
  • Electric Orange, Germany
  • Panzerballett, Germany
  • Delicious Band Research Kitchen, France
  • INDUKTI, Poland
  • Alamaailman Vasarat, Finnland
  • Zappa Circus, Hungary
  • UZVA, Finnland
  • Jazzproject Hundehagen, Germany
  • Fattore Zeta, Italy
  • Bogus Pomp Semi Acoustic Orchestra, USA

Special guests:

  • Denny Walley
  • Napoleon Murphy Brock
  • Stanley Jason Zappa

Muchos kudos to Thomas for gathering such an eclectic slash exquisite mix of bands — especially in view of the upcoming ZFT vs Zappanale trial (April 9).

We’re with you bud. Music Is The Best.