Zappa’s Coven of Drowning Witches

On more than one occasion, upon seeing the colossal size of my Frank Zappa music collection, I’ve been asked, “How many versions of Zappa songs do you really need?” Of course, to someone who isn’t a fan of Zappa’s music, or is new to the maestro’s music, wouldn’t understand. Especially in regards to live versions of Zappa’s work.
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The Manson Ensemble plays Zappa: 13th of November

Conducted by Franck Ollu, who performed with the Ensemble Modern on the original Yellow Shark recording, the Manson Ensemble present a selection of instrumental Zappa classics alongside new transcriptions by Head of Composition, Philip Cashian, and current composition students. The programme includes Peaches en Regalia, Big Swifty, Dupree’s Paradise and new transcriptions of Music For Low-Budget Orchestra and Alien Orifice.

The programme will be broadcast live at, again – see the (pretty exciting) programme here.

Theydon Bois Reviews Zappa At The Roundhouse

Over the weekend, Theydon Bois has been posting his experiences and thoughts on the Roundhouse event in this KUR thread. In fact, he did such an amazing write-up, I figured it deserves its own post. Many thanks Mr. Bois!

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Polygon Head Plays The Black Page #1

So, you’re interested in learning to play The Black Page #1 on guitar? Check out this video from Polygon Head, angrily shake your fist at the guitar gods, and go back to your Neil Young Harvest songbook (that’s what I did):

Hat tip: Joe Williamson

Zappa & Zin

Next August 24, The Ed Palermo Big Band will be playing at the City Winery, which is cool because they’re one of the superior FZ tributes out there IMHO — but there’s a twist:

As the night progresses we will find opportunities to pair Zappa tunes with a selection of world-class wines that pair with the different period and themes of Frank’s career. The wine focus of this educational and entertaining night will be Zinfandel, a truly original American wine with its roots in the Old World, but a product of the hard work of immigrants, just as Zappa created a truly unique and original sound from his humble beginnings.

Cute, though I’d personally prefer a beer themed venue: a nice Duvel to kick things off with Titties ‘n Beer, a lovely Grimbergen to go with Cruisin’ For Burgers perhaps — oh the possibilities!

At The Roundhouse

Zappa At The Roundhouse

Of interest to those who live in the London area, Zappa at the Roundhouse:

…a three day festival from 5–7 November that will celebrate the life and music of this legendary American artist. The programme includes performances from his son Dweezil Zappa, screenings of previously unseen film footage, world premieres of unheard Zappa material, Q&A sessions with members of the Zappa family and music masterclasses with various members of Zappa’s backing bands.