Q&A: Scott Thunes

Above Mr Thunes talks about his audition at the Zappa at the Roundhouse event. Below: still him on a) Ike Willis, b) Valley Girl, c) Solitude. Mr Thunes is a Great Guy.

For the hardcore fans: the whole Q&A in 11 parts (!), with Gail, Dweezil, Scott Thunes, Joe Travers, Todd Yvega, Ali N Askin.

In Pictures: Zappa At The Roundhouse

Our pal Magic Fingers had the good fortune (and a sufficient amount of Pound Sterling) to visit last weekend’s Roundhouse event. Pictural evidence was transferred over to KUR’s head office for your perusal:

For a closer, annotated version, be sure to visit the Flickr set.
Mucho Thx Sir Magic!

Update: Some more pictures, taken by Theydon Bois:

Flickr set over here.

The Manson Ensemble plays Zappa: 13th of November

Conducted by Franck Ollu, who performed with the Ensemble Modern on the original Yellow Shark recording, the Manson Ensemble present a selection of instrumental Zappa classics alongside new transcriptions by Head of Composition, Philip Cashian, and current composition students. The programme includes Peaches en Regalia, Big Swifty, Dupree’s Paradise and new transcriptions of Music For Low-Budget Orchestra and Alien Orifice.

The programme will be broadcast live at www.roundhouse.org.uk/live, again – see the (pretty exciting) programme here.

Theydon Bois Reviews Zappa At The Roundhouse

Over the weekend, Theydon Bois has been posting his experiences and thoughts on the Roundhouse event in this KUR thread. In fact, he did such an amazing write-up, I figured it deserves its own post. Many thanks Mr. Bois!

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