In Pictures: Zappa At The Roundhouse

Our pal Magic Fingers had the good fortune (and a sufficient amount of Pound Sterling) to visit last weekend’s Roundhouse event. Pictural evidence was transferred over to KUR’s head office for your perusal:

For a closer, annotated version, be sure to visit the Flickr set.
Mucho Thx Sir Magic!

Update: Some more pictures, taken by Theydon Bois:

Flickr set over here.

5 thoughts on “In Pictures: Zappa At The Roundhouse”

  1. Sorry to be so negative: I tried hard but after the first ten photos I gave up. They’re awful- if they’re not blurred by camera shake there’s something obscuring the subject or they’re just plain dull. The first shot of the exterior of the building is the only decent image. Never mind. Keep practising.

  2. I don’t want to drown the KUR world with too many pictures, but I can post my absolute best shots somewhere online in the next week – before the excitement begins to wane. More to come!

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