Porn Wars II

Forget the War On Terror, enter The War On Porn: “Lam Nguyen’s job is to sit for hours in a chilly, quiet room devoid of any color but gray and look at pornography. This job, which Nguyen does earnestly from 9 to 5, surrounded by a half-dozen other “computer forensic specialists” like him, has become the focal point of the Justice Department’s operation to rid the world of porn.” Mmm, weapons of mass distraction…


“Walking up to an indoor farmer’s market, Lisa says that she’s heard they’ve ‘got good stuff in there.’ Dweezil wonders what she’s heard about. ‘Good fruits,’ Lisa says, swinging her hips and sticking out her dinners as she walks, holding Dweezil’s hand. They admire the wares. ‘Cornbread, bananners,’ Lisa points out. Seriously, are we on PBS? She just said ‘bananners.’ What’s next?(Thanks Evaristo)