6 thoughts on “Do Re Mi…”

  1. They both use the letters, but the do-re-mi system is international (if underused). For example, the Sound of Music, which is set in Austria, uses do-re-mi and we have no issue with that. However, in the Austrian (and German) *lettering* system there are some anomalies: a B flat is called H, this is what enabled Bach to write his name in his compositions. Where we see B, A, C, Bb, the Germans would see B, A, C, H.

  2. Sorry Keefa, but actually it’s the other way ’round:
    In German the note B is called H, and B flat is B. Therefore, the B-A-C-H line sounds like Bb-A-C-B.

  3. Of course, Cyrillic musical nomenclature also allowed Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov to write his name into his compositions too.

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