Frank Whips It Out

Another jem found at Frank Zappa at the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings, way back in ’86. This man truly died a decade too soon. I would’ve loved to see him trash the current Bush administration.

(YouTube link)

Update! Scott Reinard sent me this mp3 of Zappa on Howard Stern back in ’84. Scott says:

I shaved down yesterday’s Friday Show on Howard 100 (Sirius Radio) to this 6.81 MB file. In it, the show’s moderators replay a Stern show from 1984 where Frank came in and talked about some important stuff. I don’t know if you can post it or not…I hope so. Excuse the quality.

Scott, you’re excused. Thanks!

Colbert Roasts Bush

I’m a bit late to post this, but if you haven’t seen these video’s yet, you really should because they’re brilliant: comedian Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner drops a couple of napalm bombs on the Bush Administration — in the presence of an increasingly annoyed Shrub. The video’s: parts one, two, three.

This Note’s For Neil

Warning: Neil Young Fan Entry Dead Ahead!

Spent all morning listening to the stream of Neil Young’s Living With War. What a motherfucker of an album. This is classic Neil. Imagine the joyously roaring guitars on Ragged Glory, add the grungy lyricism of Zuma, Sleeps With Angels, Mirror Ball and Greendale, throw in some lusciously direct lyrics, and you’ll get the idea. The whole album could well be the soundtrack to an imaginary protest march on the White House. Album of the year, as far as I’m concerned.

Update: downloadable mp3’s available here, until the album hits the shops.

This Note’s For You

Neil Young is set to release a new album called Living With War. The songs are — surprise! — anti-Bush / anti-war, and will be available as streaming audio on his site next Friday. There’s even a weblog:

This is about exchanging ideas… it’s about getting a message out. It’s about empowering people by giving them a voice. I know not everyone believes what I say is what they think. But like I said before.. ya know.. red and blue is not black and white.

Go Neil! But did you really need to get a myspace page?