Say Hi to Uncle Beat

People regularly email me saying they only *just* missed downloading this or that boot. When possible I try to help out by re-uploading the tracks they’re lacking. For now unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that. If you’re missing parts of a past boot offering, your best shot is probably to post a request in the Uncle Beat forum (and risk having your butt kicked! ;-)

Absolute Zappa

On Thursday 1 April 2004 7.30pm at Barbican Centre, the electro-acoustic Absolute Ensemble is giving a concert entitled “ABSOLUTE ZAPPA“. The 20-piece band lend their own distinctive jazz-inspired style to heart-pumping remixes, reinventions, re-imaginings and rearrangements of Zappa originals. Special guests include Zappa’s original sideman, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Mike Keneally plus hip-hop turntablists the X-ecutioners and jazz musician Django Bates. (thanks SOFA!)

Talking Asshole

“Hiya. How you doin’ tonight? Alright, um, as you know, I’m not the kind of a person that reads books, I’ve said this before many times, I’m not fond of reading. But, I do, I have in the past made exceptions, and uh, one of these exceptions was this part of the, the book that, I’m sure you know, called Naked Lunch, and I’ve received permission to read the part about the talking asshole.

So you thought you’d get rid of me this easy…?

Dr Sharleena reporting, back from a luxury vacation in Samoa (how’s good to be a bourgeois, i still have sand in my swimsuit…).
The Chrome Dinette has had its monthly change in the menu, and is offering, during March, Shut Up ‘N Play Yer Guitar, a three disk set featuring some of the best solos from Frank, as well as the special bonus FZ:OZ, and the Halloween concert. Don’t miss it if you haven’t listened to it/them yet!

In Holland there’s a

In Holland there’s a radio-station that devoted an entire year (if not more) to broadcasting FZ-tunes. It’s to be found right here. The site seems interesting enough – has articles relating to Va and Bozzio and such – but the real treat is the “Enter the Zappa Archive” button. When you click this, it asks you for a password and, god darnit, I ain’t got one… Hello? Anyone know the pass for this?