Z on CNN

CNN (!) has an article on Miles’ FZ biography: “I think it was the ordinariness, the emptiness of much of his experience, particularly growing up in the desert, where there was little in the way of architectural, visual stimulation or anything else,” he says. “That enabled his creative ability to come to the fore, to make up for much of what was missing in his life.”

Tax Man

It’s official: Belgian customs hate my guts. Having purchased a couple of books from Amazon, I once again have to pay up — 13.42 € this time, which is about half the price of my purchase. The kicker: some 8 € were charged for “administration costs”. Catch 22 anyone? Perhaps next time I should order at amazon UK. Oh, and yes: the Doctor is a big Groucho Marx fan! ;)

The Sound Of Legs Crossing

“There’s something delicious about the way women cross their legs the way they half-smile when they do. Women have a sixth sense about such things, it’s something primordial, something unconscious that goes on. And it’s certainly NOT haphazard because there are very few women who don’t know what they’re doing: that’s what distinguishes women from the girls.”
David Walley, author of “No Commercial Potential, the Saga of Frank Zappa” recently revamped his website and in the process, has been adding content like there’s no proverbial tomorrow. Go check his writings, you won’t be disappointed.