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  1. Another good one? Who was choosen as the patron saint of the Internet? Charles Borromeo, the FZ of the 6- 7th century ( not for misic, for writings).

    ” So, how does Saint Isidore of Seville become the patron saint for the Internet? The Observation Service for Internet, who drew it’s mission from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, researched the Internet and related technologies to select a patron saint that best reflects the concerns and ideals of computer designers, programmers and users. The saint chosen by the Observation Service for Internet was Saint Isidore. “The saint who wrote the well-known ‘Etymologies’ (a type of dictionary), gave his work a structure akin to that of the database. He began a system of thought known today as ‘flashes;’ it is very modern, notwithstanding the fact it was discovered in the sixth century. Saint Isidore accomplished his work with great coherence: it is complete and its features are complementary in themselves.”


  2. 1) Bernard, you crack me up!

    2) Three cheers for Zappanale!

    3) You never know, perhaps Moon still thinks that way and doesn’t agree with her mother’s current litigation fixation.

    4) This doesn’t preclude the copyright holder from taking civil action to seek disclosure of file sharers’ ID. It just means EU states don’t have to pass specific legislation on the issue.

    5) I am about to tackle Sun Ra. Watch this space!

  3. Combining
    – space ( property rights on the moon, ” private claims to lunar real estate”, don’t laugh),

    – music & copy rights: ” music will still share some vital qualities with lunar real estate. Music tends to the ephemeral — is it located in the air molecules we push around, or in a score, or in storage media (scores, recordings), or is it a platonic ideal of some sort? — and the ownership of a music is unclear. Does it belong to the composer or the performer or the passionate listener? Is it a gift channeled from (the) god(s)? Is it a state or public good or is it a gift to humankind? Can it be bought, bartered, or sold? Is it a gift without market value? Heck, even the very idea that one could own a music is far from clear.”

    This one is very good:

    For academics & scholars :
    Defining music as a public good ( see Inge Kaul theories), might prove to be very useful.

  4. Yes, xorg (” X.Org project provides an open source implementation “) :
    I truly like open sources.

  5. Jamez, I really don’t know. Seld evident : google around. I don’t know if his label Saturn still exists, possibly there.

    Bybthe way Marshal Allen ( great sax player from S.R. Orchestra, beside John Gilmore) is still touring with the band ( Legacy). Tour details here:

    Sun Ra concert were an absolute enigma. When they playesd here at Brussels Grand’ Place, they started with 20 minutes free improvisation. Followed by a 20 minutes kiss dance ( all people present were actually kissing each other ), followed by 45 mnutes of music played from scores.

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