5 thoughts on “Zappa Legacy”

  1. A friend of mine went to a Dweez*l & Ahmet gig around that time at The Marquee in London and reported that Dweez and band were pretty good but Ahmet was pretty much irrelevant!

  2. Let’s
    – be logical. Logics.
    – follow the path of what common sense is telling us. Common sense.

    Thus: let’s refuse a victory of one over the other.
    That’s one of the reasons why Music is the best. It smartly combines both.
    Mike Keneally is a skilled musician. Smart enough to refuse haughtiness (i e common sense). Clever enough to draft scores( ie logics). W
    With a human touch.

    Just ask him what he thinks about what’s happenening within FZ world now.

  3. Ahmet’s outburst during the interview reminds me that ZPZ was originally billed with Ahmet on board.
    I wonder what happened?

  4. I reckon Dweezil and co actually realised what was involved in performing this stuff properly. There were originally sweeping statements like “no two setlists alike” or every show different or something. They obviously realised it wouldn’t be that easy… Dweezil to give him credit dug in and improved himself to pull things off with respect and quality…. I can’t imagine Ahmet being able to have the discipline.

  5. I agree with you Chuck. I think the brothers had different ideas. With Dweez taking over the project for the best. Still, it would be nice to see Moon or Ahmet come on tour for a song or two.

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