Howard Kaylan Interview

When Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman joined the Mothers, they were used to being judged by the last record they made. “That’s bullshit!” Frank said. “Your life is your artistic canvas…” Hear more about this, as well as more on the history of The Turtles, The Mothers, Flo & Eddie, and his solo project on the 4-part Podcast interview with Howard Kaylan: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.

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  1. For Balint ( Hungary ) et all:
    Exploring things the other way around , from ” high” to ” low”.
    “Your life is your artistic canvas”.
    I’ll take my conceptual continuity further. Finland & Hungary as musical highlights in Europe.

    Jimi Tenor( a musical phenomenon from Finland it’s, adapted the György Ligeti ( great composer from Hungary , it’s piano concerts.
    He simplified them and made the hyer sophisticated & complex scores more accessible for the public.
    Balint, did you hear about the Ligeti FT complaining? I don’t think so.

  2. The truth is that the Ligeti “Fam Tr” still happens to be happy about the earnings from the scores Ligeti wrote for Stanley Kubrick films 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and Eyes Wide Shut.

    He wrote much better & complex music. For instance the Piano Concerto.
    My guess is that the ( supposed) Ligeti Fam Tr wants him to be remembered for both.

  3. (thanks Bernard, but PLEASE (as you’d been asked a few times before) do NOT write things to a comment that has nothing (I mean NOTHING) to do with the post itself. Is there anything up there about Ligeti, about Hungary, about continuity, about anything you wrote? Please, please, don’t do it. Sorry for this – and thank you for your understanding.)

  4. Yes, Balint. There’s conceptual & other continuity. It’s about how to take things further, musically.The way to enable people to do so, technology enabling.
    Blogs ( or local independent radio stations such as for instance shouldn’t be blocking, slowing down, refraining things, i e refraining us from thinking further, exploring new fields.
    They( = blogs) are and will keep being a major contributor to creating new things.
    For instance. From ” low” to ” high”. B. Bartok( another great Hungarian) used, ” abused” an awful lot of popular Hungarian folk songs. Did anyone in Hungary care about this?
    It’s not as off topic as you might think.
    First task now is to rid of annoying dependencies, such as long term patents & copyrights.

  5. Sorry ’bout this political note.
    I happen to be an old fashioned European social democrat. No enemy to European capitalism, just trying to switch things – legally – for the better. Socially, Env. And most of all encouraging others, saying : avanti, we’ll try to enable you to do so.
    FZ now happens to be +/- popular in Central Europe, as the ultimate US dream.

  6. bernard, there was something you neglected to mention in your last post.

    you’re loonier than a shithouse rat.

  7. I think Bernard means well but he has the tendency to wander conceptually and his English ain’t no good for the understandingwise.

  8. Howard really opens up and that boy can ramble. It’s great hearing stories like Howard & Mark breaking up The Turtles. Aimlessly taken in by FZ & The Mothers. What an incredible music shift for all involved. Seemed like the interviewer laughed a lot for a lack of words. Howward K. singing “Bodhisattva”? I’m sure he could have pulled that off.

  9. “bernard”, Ligeti didn´t write music for Kubrick films. Kubrick chose from Ligeti´s oeuvre for the use in his films.

  10. Yes, ” Roland”. You have a point. For sure. However I do not believe that current day classical music is ” above it all”. Current day composers are doing exactly the same as – for instance – the best rock composers.
    It’s not a shame to ” steel” in a decent way, that’s the way forward.
    Contemporary art( ie absence of style trends etc. ) is indeed combining all possible means.Good to see the artists overlooking borders, making use of all possible systems, pushing for new things without discriminating sources. In music: you can hear it all in one composition: atonal, noise, riffs, a regular score, etc., etc.
    +++That’s possibly the place of FZ in the history of arts: one of the first to have endeavored to combine it all starting from “rock”. Instruments( technology, musical, etc. ) allowing. The mixture, the mayonaise. It seemed as if he was always putting mayonaise on his ketchup and the other way around.

    Counterfactual : having a good word processor in your PC doesn’ t automatically mean that you’re a great writer. There’s still that added value of an artist’s mind left to …

  11. I don’t like Van Beethoven that much. Much too romantic according to my taste. He enabled the jump from the classic period ( Mozart & Haydn) to Romantissm. A classic, yes, however too much forward looking into the 19th century ( the age of nationalism, one of the most horrible features in history).However I keep listening to his piano music.
    – Van Beethoven was born in Bonn from a Flemish( Mechelen ) family: Van , not Von.
    – OK, his 9th Symphony is great. And many other scores.
    – Being almost deaf happers to be actually helpful. Nowadays in percussion , cfr

    J S Bach is still the greatest.
    Just have a look at Webmaster is Aryeh Oron, Bach and Jazz Music Fan.

  12. Bach´s music sounds to mathematical to me sometimes, this is all I can say. Although I listened to music of him and didn´t know, it was Bach at all. Really! With a lot of feeling in it, no maths! Nice talking to you, “bernard”!

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