Lukewarm Poop From Dec 10th

17 thoughts on “Lukewarm Poop From Dec 10th”

  1. That japaniser is great!
    It reminds me of a page called brazilizator – sorry, only in Hungarian (you know all the brazilian series, right?) All you have to do is give the name of the caracters (the “rich father”, “poor girl”, etc.), and it generates a whole story. :-)
    „Uga finally agrees. Jackie arrives to the De La Torre residence to the invitation of John. Olinda is a shy, daydreaming, unemployed girl, considered even by her mother a „poor devil”. John was born in a monastery, and since his mother died while bringing him into life, he was raised among nuns. Everybody in the house is Bena’s enemy.” Etc etc.

  2. Would love to get Mystery, but like that spoken word thing I can’t download it. Anybody know how I do this for Mac?

  3. According to my McAfee SiteAdvisor that Mystery Box link is fraudulent or a possible phishing site (or something like that).
    (it redirects to a Russian site, is that right?)

  4. Ooops deeply sorry about that guys. My fault, I should have checked the link first before sending it.

  5. My silly attempt to comment on all three topics.

    I would #2 my pants, if i ever got to touch JImi’s Fender!(that doesn’t mean I’m gay, right?)
    Signed, Ridojiri

  6. You can find the mistery box (and other stuff) over at Studio Z: [link removed]

    Ed.:Sorry Ted, but I’ve had to remove that link on account of possible copyright infringement. Thanks for your understanding… — Barry

  7. Thank you Barry, i’ve been to this side and got a trojaner, i have spended one hour today to remove it. It’s also a dialer for adult sites.
    Whats this? Russian pigs use Frank Zappa Bootlegs to distribute this trojaner. it’s working via Rapidshare. I only want to warn anybody DONT

  8. Barry: please don’t apologize, this is not against KUR, I realy love your site and work, i only wanted to warn every Zappa fan to go there, it’s one of the newest forms of trojaner, so please don’t go there. Thank you for your patience. Best regards Frank B.

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