Lukewarm Poop From Dec 8th

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  1. i wonder if simian mobile disco are jewish
    hillary clinton said she was

  2. Ever thought about , for instance , What Mathematics Can Learn
    from Classical Music, or from Popular Music? The other way around.

  3. What’s a jew? How does the system work?

    1. It depends on your mother. Your m. is jew; you’re a jew. Abraham actually got the mustard from his Mother.
    2. Religious: you can become a jew.

  4. By the way, Roland, never turn you back to essential educational systems, such as school, FZ, this blog and others.

  5. “Where´s the US map of killings with automatic weapons?”

    Uhm, that would be a map of the globe, I believe…

  6. All I know is that Frank Zappa was raised Catholic. How else could he have developed such a sarcastic, sardonic point of view? When you reject authority, you reject it in a big way…

  7. “If you discover something really new, which affects human experience, I mean, there’s no discussion, that’s just the way it is. All the rest is minor talk about little details.” – Karlheinz Stockhausen
    “After the twin peaks of his 50’s music, Stockhausen would continue his hot streak with an unrelenting stream of work. In fact, the ceaseless nature of his enterprise was one of his hallmarks. There was scarcely a pause. Every year brought forth several new compositions, and almost every year saw the birth of a major work. Every year for six decades.”
    Comments on Stockhausen have now grown mature.
    For numerous comments ; see ( I’ve shameless stolen that quote from that blog.

    Furthermore :

    Bob Singleton’s

    Comment in All About jazz. . It’s indigest, just too much.

    Etc, etc.

  8. Check out the quiz on You’ll see Terry Bozzio with “The Knack”. Terry plays durms on their ’98 “Zoom” album. I don’t know how feel about that. I guess the man has a right to earn a living. I would love to hear a blown out version of “My Sharona” ala Bozzio! I heard Terry was released from touring with Korn recently. Reason? Too many drums to transport. Terry wouldn’t condense. Korn’s loss!

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