Dortmund ’79

If it’s Friday this must be the Friday Boot! We’re off to Germany again: Dortmund, 25 March 1979.
The FZ Tape Reviewing Society says:

(…) it’s in FZ’s City Of Tiny Lites solo where the show comes to life. This is the first Outside Now jam in circulation, with FZ mulling over a phrase he also played a lot in 1980 which ended up in The Radio Is Broken. This is also the debut of the “vampless” Easy Meat, and possibly the best of this last week of ’79, despite the lack of Catholic Girls.

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  1. So many bootlegs, so little room left on my external hard drive. Time to back-up again and invest in yet another external hard drive. Those Zappa boots just keep coming and coming and coming. When is it enough?


  2. This is not the whole show :( .
    Can someone suply the missing songs:

    Honey Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
    Keep It Greasey
    The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
    Peaches En Regalia
    Bamboozled By Love
    Joe’s Garage (instrumental)
    Dirty Love

  3. On s’habitue à tant de choses, la vie n’est qu’un présent illusoire.
    Nos peurs ne se soldent que par des chimères dérisoires.
    Le moment que l’on attend sans trop d’impatience
    Ce recul de l’absurdité qu’est la mort se dévoile,
    Et ainsi nos précieux moment d’existence s’envolent.
    Le mois de décembre pour certain ou s’étale un certain bonheur
    Ne devient pour d’autres que le mois d’un sans lendemain.
    Le souvenir étrange d’un recommencement
    Un trait sur le passé et un silence sur le présent.
    Ta musique Frank est bien présente parmi nous,
    Elle régule les battements et les pulsions de ton œuvre
    Et le désenchantement aujourd’hui de ses notes
    Nous rappelle à cette funeste nostalgie.
    Malgré tout et si cela n’est pas le principal
    L’univers nous ramène à ton cosmik debris
    D’où ressort ton empreinte musicale
    Celle ci n’est que l’écho d’une guitare qui résonne
    Un solo , un message comme pour nous dire
    La musique n’est qu’une continuité .

    A Frank Zappa

  4. I thought moijeil’s memorial to FZ was so incredible I decided to translate it for everyone to read (I hope I got the spirit of it right, moijeil).

    In Frank Zappa
    by moijeil (translation: urbangraffito)

    One is accustomed to so many things, the life is only one illusory present.
    Our fears are balanced only by ridiculous dreams.
    The moment that one awaits without too much impatience
    This retreat of the nonsense which is death is revealed,
    And thus our invaluable moment of existence fly away.
    December for some or is spread out a certain happiness
    Does not become for other than month of one without a future.
    The strange memory of a restarting
    A feature on the past and a silence over the present.
    Your music Frank is quite present among us,
    It controls the beats and the impulses of tone
    And the disenchantment today of its notes recalls
    Us with this disastrous nostalgia.
    Despite everything and if that is not the main thing
    The universe brings back to us to your cosmik debris
    From where your musical print that arises
    Ci is only the echo of a guitar which resounds
    A solo, a message as to tell us
    The music is only one continuity.

  5. Barry’s Imaginary Publisher!! – remember the guy we met in Atwerp? He was a nice person, and was talking about a show in ’79, in Germany, where the last few beats of Andy had an amasing segue into Inca Roads, and that was a lifetime memory for him.
    Where is he? (Where are you?!) Which show was that?…

  6. Balint!! Where art thou..?!
    The nice guy is called Andreas, he lives in Münster (notice the ümlaüts, i put a lot of effort on typing those).
    I wrote to him giving details to go to Budapest for the “100% Zappa” festival, but he kindly declined because it was a bit complicated from his location. I didn’t have any more news from him, but I have his email adress if you wanna keep in touch.
    Let me know!

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