15 thoughts on “Montreal ’84”

  1. Alien Orifice, Teenage Wind, King Kong, Daddy Daddy Daddy by the ’84 Band? I can’t remember having heard these versions before.

    The jazzy version of AO is very interesting.

    Thank you.


  2. Sorry, a bit O/T, but one of the random ads that google put down the side of the live page was “Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
    Give your face a fresh and natural finish with Bobbi Brown make-up.

    Nice setlist, I’ll free up a couple of hours tomorrow for it…

  3. Did you run over a log with your car, doing 4000 dollars worth of damage to the undercarriage ? Did you shortly thereafter get yelled at for five minutes by a fascist police officer, bent on emasculating and humiliating you for his own perverted amusement?


    You lucky, LUCKY bastard!!!

  4. i just can’t wait to know what happened… pls hurry up with the real facts of life! no more guesses…

  5. You’ll never tell? So your being stalked by an effeminate 47 year old man in a clown suit? Don’t be ashamed – we’re here to help and support you through this troubling time.

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